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Tips on how to carry the bicycle safely within the automobile | Caser Seguros & RACE – jj

Tips on how to carry the bicycle safely within the automobile | Caser Seguros & RACE

Nine out of ten drivers do not know how to safely ride the bicycle in the vehicle.

    – Almost 70% usually carry the bicycle inside the vehicle
    – 50% of drivers consider the information that refers to the safe transport of the bicycle to be scarce or null

The RACE Royal Automobile Club of Spain and the Caser Insurance company today presented a study on the risk of transporting a bicycle inside the vehicle in an unsafe way. Based on the results of the study carried out by these two institutions, 2,600 drivers who usually transport bicycles in their vehicles, it was found that 67% of respondents state that the most common place of transport is inside the car, confirming a 69% that this is the safest place to place bicycles.

In this regard, 88% of drivers said they are unaware of the regulations in force that regulate the transport of bicycles in vehicles. This data, together with the lack of information and the way in which they transport the bicycle, made RACE and Caser perform a Crash Test to know the risks and consequences of transporting bicycles inside the vehicle.

The test was carried out with a vehicle that circulated at 64.32 km / h carrying two recreational bicycles and their respective luggage, inside the car, with the seats of the rear seats folded down.

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