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iPhone SE 2 could possibly be adopted by a bigger sibling, with each out in 2020 – jj

iPhone SE 2 could possibly be adopted by a bigger sibling, with each out in 2020


Rumors are pointing to an early 2020 launch for the iPhone SE 2 – that’s the latest in a long line of release date rumors, and we’ve been hearing about the phone since 2016 – but we could also see a larger version of the device, perhaps the iPhone SE 2 Plus.

This news comes from DigiTimes (behind a paywall) which has written a report based on supply chain rumors. The site states that there could be a larger version of the iPhone SE 2, with a screen size of 5.5 or 6.1 inches, that comes out towards the end of 2020.

It’s worth noting that this means the bigger phone could be out several months after the ‘original’, perhaps alongside the iPhone 12 range, although one previous rumor that referred to the iPhone SE 2 Plus by name (which is why we’re using the name) , pointed to an early 2021 release instead.

The iPhone SE 2 is said to have similar specs to the iPhone 8, so the iPhone SE 2 Plus could be similar in many ways to the iPhone 8 Plus, although bear in mind Apple actually still sells these older phones, so there will likely be differentiating factors too (or Apple could simply discontinue those numbered phones).

We’ve also previously heard the iPhone SE 2 could come out as the iPhone 9, and therefore the bigger device would be the iPhone 9 Plus (or iPhone 9 Pro, if the newest naming conventions are to be followed). However, since the specs are said to be similar to the iPhone 8, this name would likely be a bit misleading.

We’ll know for sure what’s happening with the iPhone SE 2 range when they come out – that could be soon, if rumors are to be believed, or possibly not at all, given how some rumors can be a little overeager on new iPhones.

If the former is correct, trade shows CES 2020 or MWC 2020 in January and February could play host to the launch, but given Apple tends to avoid shows like these, we could be waiting for a separate event.

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