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Iran's Quds Power commander Basic Qasim Suleimani killed in US air strike – jj

Iran's Quds Power commander Basic Qasim Suleimani killed in US air strike


General Qasem Soleimani, General Qasim Soleimani

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Qasim Soleimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force, has been killed in an airstrike at Baghdad International Airport. The Americans have taken responsibility for this attack. Qatib Hizbollah commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis has also been killed in this attack.

The statement from the US Department of Defense stated that "On the instructions of the US President, a step has been taken to kill Qasim Soleimani to protect American military personnel living abroad. The US had declared him a terrorist."

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This statement said that "Soleimani has been involved in carrying out attacks on US military bases in Iraq for several months, including on December 27. In addition, he also approved his attack on the US embassy last week."

At the end of the statement, it said, "This Airstrike was aimed at stopping Iranian attack plans in the future. The US, wherever it is, will continue to take all necessary actions to protect its citizens."

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The death of General Qasim Suleimani is said to be a major incident involving the Middle East and it is feared that Iran and its supported Middle East forces will now take strong retaliation against Israel and America.

On Sunday itself, the US targeted targets of Qatib Hezbollah organization located in eastern Syria and western Iraq. In which at least 25 fighters were killed.

After this, on Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi said that the US air strike is a violation of his country's sovereignty and after that he will review his relations with the US.

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US Embassy in Baghdad attacked

At the same time, the commander of Qaitib Hezbollah Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis has said that he will give a befitting reply to the US forces in Iraq.

On Tuesday, the US Embassy in Baghdad was attacked by protesters and US President Donald Trump blamed Iran for this.

Sulaimani is considered to be the chief strategist to conduct Iranian activities in West Asia.

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The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps is estimated to have more than one and a half corpses

Kuds Army

Quds Force is a branch of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that carries out operations outside the country and its chief Major General Qasim Sulemani was directly accountable to the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He was considered very close to Khamenei and was seen as a future leader.

In 2003, Saddam Hussein's power in Iraq came to an end in the US-led military attacks. Since then, the Quds army intensified its operations in the Middle East.

The Quds started giving arms, money and training to anti-government factions of other countries that supported Iran.

At the same time it also began to adopt non-traditional methods of war, as a result of which Iran gained an edge over its opponents who depended on traditional weapons.

Swarm techniques (fighting large bases with large contingents), drones and cyber attacks are important among these techniques.

In April this year, US President Donald Trump called the Quds Force, including the Iran Revolutionary Guards, a "foreign terrorist organization".

This was the first time that America had declared an organization associated with another government as extremist.

Iran responded to this decision by the US, saying in the gestures that "the US military in the Gulf region is no less than a terrorist group."

Jack Straw, who was Britain's foreign minister between 2001 and 2006, visited Iran several times and believed that the role of General Qasim Suleimani was more than just a military commander.

He said that, "With the power of the military, Sulaimani is running Iran's foreign policy for the Allies."

Why does Qaitib Hezbollah target America?

The United States says that Hezbollah has been continuously attacking its military bases in Iraq.

Since 2009, the US has declared Qatib Hezbollah a terrorist organization. He also named its commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis as a global terrorist. America says that this organization is a threat to Iraq's stability and peace.

The US Defense Department says that Qaitib Hezbollah is related to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC's global operation arm Quds Force) and gets many help from Iran.

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