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Natural Chemistry Lab Demo: GC (Gasoline Chromatography) – jj

Natural Chemistry Lab Demo: GC (Gasoline Chromatography)

A demonstration of the use of the gas chromatograph (GC) in organic chemistry labs. Demonstrations conducted by: Dr. Scott Allen Assistant Professor, …



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  1. The volatility of the substance plays a role when using a temperature program like when seperating a mixed sample like alcohol and diesel (The alcohol will come off first with a relatively low retention time and the diesel will seperate into all the substructures of diesel like heptane,octane decane and the likes all with distinct retention times.

  2. (because my teacher keeps on saying the polarity plays an important roll, like the more polar particles remain behind while the rest goes through the tube) ?

    It's because the inside of the column.. it can contain a substance that can be helpfull to sort out the materials after affinity or polarity…

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