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TV Ad – Savings on Car Insurance – It's incomprehensible – Rastreator.com ™ – jj

TV Ad – Savings on Car Insurance – It's incomprehensible – Rastreator.com ™

Two boys loaded with the shopping bags approach the car while one tries to convince his friend of the advantages of using Rastreator.com since thanks to him he has saved 187 euros in the hiring of his Auto insurance. In this new announcement, in line with the previous ones of the 'Incomprehensible' campaign), Rastreator.com uses the incomprehensible words of one of the protagonists to advise the use of the comparator. If you also want to compare Car insurance you can do it by clicking on this link:

OFF LOCATION: Rastreator

(The parked car and 2 boys are loaded with shopping bags, while Rastreator is looking out the car window)

FRIEND OF RASTREATOR: But why don't you use it? I have saved 187 euros in Car insurance.

INCOMPRESSIBLE FRIEND: Already, but in the end … artichoke … (The boy answers him, but he does it in an incomprehensible way, saying unintelligible words.)

(The driver looks at Rastreator with a face of circumstance and Rastreator groans)

OFF LOCATION: Not using Rastreator is incomprehensible.
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