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World's First Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With Programmable Keys For Under $50 Pops … – jj

World's First Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With Programmable Keys For Under $50 Pops …


Velocifire has a new crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. The company is pitching Velocifire M2, an interesting mechanical keyboard that values portability, functionality, and tactile feedback equally. The company claims the Velocifire M2 is the world’s first, mini programmable wireless mechanical keyboard. The company is also offering early-adopters a lucrative offer to jump-in at the early stage.we

Kickstarter has a new product from Velocifire, a company known among a very niche market of computer keyboards and select peripherals. The just-launched crowd-funding page is meant for Velocifire M2, a mini wireless keyboard that offers freedom of movement and features a space-saving design. However, along with ease of mobility, the keyboard also features mechanical keys, a truly rare feature to see in such a form factor.

Velocifire M2 Is a No-Compromise Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With Programmable Keys:

The Velocifire M2 is a rarely seen portable and customizable wireless mechanical keyboard. The construction and design are surprisingly meant for a wide variety of computer users. In other words, typist, programmers, writers, multimedia professionals, and mobile gamers will appreciate the personalized premium typing experience on a phone, iPad, Macbook or laptop anywhere.

The new mini wireless keyboard from Velocifire has dedicated Mac function keys and is compatible with the latest macOS. Apple computer users have seldom had the chance to use a tactile, 100 percent workable mechanical keyboard that’s portable and weighs less.

In addition to the mechanical keys with tactile feedback, the Velocifire M2 has programmable keys. Users can easily set the Function Keys to their desired commands and functions. For example, the F1 key can be customized to open a website or software, F2 to auto-enter password or long series number users need to enter frequently. Frequent typo makers can set right ALT to backspace, gamers can set WASD or IJKL keys as directional arrow keys and several other personalizations. All these can easily set from the software that the company offers.

The Velocifire M2 can comfortably and reliably connect with up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Switching between the active and connected devices is quite simple, quick and effortless. Be it a MacBook laptop, Windows PC, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, the wireless keyboard can quickly switch between the three devices it has established a secure connection with.

One of the most notable features of the Velocifire M2 is the keys. The keyboard uses hot-swappable switches, which allows people to change switches without de-soldering. While such a feature may not appeal to everyone, many hardcore gamers and professional content creators will truly appreciate such a provision in a practical and portable form factor.

Velocifire M2 Mini Programmable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Price And Availability:

The portable, lightweight and versatile Velocifire M2 wireless keyboard is currently live on Kickstarter. Early backers can pay just $49 to get one. The price of the Velocifire M2 is $69.99, but the company is offering a hefty discount to early adopters.

Given the features the Velocifire M2 wireless keyboard packs, and the form-factor it sports, it could easily be a versatile companion for people who prefer a full-tactile keyboard that’s also portable. As it works with most smartphones and desktops, a user can keep working on the same keyboard but with different devices with ease.

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