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ZEE Jankari: Can India declare Pakistan's Army and ISI terrorist organization? | ZEE Info: Can India declare Pakistan's Army and ISI as terrorist organizations? – jj

ZEE Jankari: Can India declare Pakistan's Army and ISI terrorist organization? | ZEE Info: Can India declare Pakistan's Army and ISI as terrorist organizations?


Now try to understand this attack from the perspective of India. If India, like the US, decides today, it may be that the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agency are declared as terrorist organizations, and any of its chiefs may also consider the Indian government to be terrorists. If this happens, then after this announcement, will India get the right to kill any officer of Pakistan Army? India has the basis to do so because Pakistan has made terrorism a part of its policy and India has many evidence to prove it.

You may be feeling imaginary to hear this, but if a strong government decides, then nothing is impossible. There was a time in our country when people believed that India could not respond to Pakistan's terrorism, but India made the first surgical strike in the year 2016 and also carried out an air strike in Balakot, Pakistan in February last year. This means that if a strong government wants to take tough decisions in the interest of the country. Now in 5 Points, understand what the impact of this attack on India will be

First effect: Eight million Indians work in the countries of West Asia. If war conditions prevail in these countries, then the biggest challenge for India will be the safety of these Indians. In the 90s, when America attacked Iraq, India had to airlift more than 1 lakh Indians.

It can also have an impact on the economic condition of other India. 80 lakh Indians working in these countries. There is a large medium of foreign exchange for the country. These people make about 3 lakh crore rupees every year. Shipping to India as foreign currency. And their withdrawal can reduce India's foreign exchange reserves. The third effect of this attack may be on the prices of petrol and diesel. Crude oil prices have increased about 4 percent since the attack. If the situation worsens, it will have a negative impact on India's economy. Because India imports 84 percent of its oil from overseas.

The fourth effect is that India has the third largest population of Shia Muslims worldwide. And after this attack on a big hero of Shia community, law and order in many parts of the country can get disturbed. Today people are mourning in many areas of the country.

And the fifth effect is that India has good relations with both America and Iran. Iran has helped India on many occasions and America has also supported India many times in many forums. Therefore, it will be difficult for India to openly support the US or Iran. India has been developing a new way of trade by developing Cha-Bahar Port of Iran for many years. But after the situation deteriorates in this area, this plan of India may get in trouble.

After India, this attack is sure to have an impact on America as well. Elections for the post of President are going to be held in America this year. And in America, Trump's opponents are alleging that this murder has been done for electoral gains. In October last year, the US killed terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and today he killed Major General Qasim Suleimani in about 70 days. That is, America has eliminated its two big enemies.

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