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Better of Bundy – Shoe Retailer Clients – jj

Better of Bundy – Shoe Retailer Clients

Ed O’Neill … Al Bundy Katey Sagal … Peggy Bundy Ted McGinley … Jefferson D’arcy Harold Sylvester … Griff Diana Bellamy … Shirley Danica Sheridan .



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  1. My second wife was almost a dead ringer for Peg Bundy when I met her in 1992.She won a Halloween Contest just wearing her usual clothes.No Shit! I recently saw her Mug on her Facebook Post,Holy Jesus!!Yeeeeeee!! Glad I sent her ass packing,Right from the Hag Shop,Good thing I kept the dogs!!

  2. Ahhh the good old days! I miss them. Now days you call a fatty fat, you get a hate crime lawsuit. Such a shame we can't say anything anymore without someone trying to sue or rob us of our freedom. As a result, we're more hostile to each other now than we ever were before.

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