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CES 2020: Samsung, Segway, Sony, and Every little thing Else You Ought to Look Out For – jj

CES 2020: Samsung, Segway, Sony, and Every little thing Else You Ought to Look Out For


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The Consumer Electronics Show is where the biggest tech innovations for consumer technologies are revealed. As one of the largest, if not the largest, annual tech conventions in the world, companies use the stage to showcase what their next products are going to be. This year’s CES 2020 will be held in Las Vegas from January 7-10.

With the turn of the decade, CES 2020 will be showcasing what would likely become the tech trends for the ’20s. We rounded up some of the more interesting innovations that you should look out for in this year’s exhibits.

1. Samsung’s Creative Lab and Artificial Human

Samsung takes the forefront this year with its showcasing of five projects from its Creative Lab program. The South Korean company has used their lab to allow its innovators to work on passion projects outside of Samsung’s product roadmap.

This CES 2020, Samsung will be showcasing such projects as Hyler, SunnySideSelfieTypeBecon, and Ultra V.

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But what will most likely take center stage is Samsung’s ‘Artificial Human.’ Teasing only little details via a recently created Twitter account, which points out ‘NEON’ as its name. We know very little about this new project, as its account’s tweets don’t really explain much about what it actually is. Samsung also cleared up any speculation that NEON is a continuation of an earlier ‘artificial’ product, Bixby, which was an AI assistant from the same vein as Amazon’s Alexa. The Twitter page also has a countdown towards its unveiling, which is due on January 7, 2020. Expect to see more about this curious new product during CES 2020.

2. Sony’s PS5 and Vision For the Future

Gamers will most likely head straight to Sony’s exhibit during CES 2020. The company’s absence during E3 2019 made the event less spectacular, so it was even more startling that Sony decided to unveil its next-generation console seemingly out of nowhere late last year.

But with the cat out of the bag, Sony has very little reason not to showcase the PlayStation 5 at CES 2020, or at least start giving more details about its specs and features.

Sony’s teaser page for the event talks about unveiling the company’s vision for the future, so we’ll likely see Sony featuring projects that they’d be working on for a couple of years down the line.

3. Segway’s Smart Transporting Pods 

Finally, we have Segway, a company that has either revolutionized personal transport or has caused pedestrian lanes more dangerous, depending on who you ask.

During this year’s CES, the company will be unveiling a new way to transport pedestrians, and it’s something that looks as sci-fi as far as personal displacement is concerned. Dubbed as the S-Pod, Segway says it’s designed to ferry people across university campuses, airports, and theme parks. In a statement, Segway says, “It is a safe, self-balancing vehicle that is operated by an intuitive assistive navigation panel.”

CES 2020 attendees will be able to try out the odd vehicle for themselves and see if they could use one of these crib-looking devices to go around places.

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