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Decade in evaluation: Prime tech of the previous 10 years – jj

Decade in evaluation: Prime tech of the previous 10 years


We always think time passes quickly, but when you look at tech and gadgets that we use every day, sometimes it seems time passes slowly.

Here me out here. How long do you think we’ve had the iPad? What was life like before the selfie and Instagram? Seems like they’ve been around forever. But the two-thousand teens will go down in history as the year tech gadgets truly began changing our lives and keeping us always connected to friends, family and the internet.

Siri seems to have been around forever, but Apple didn’t release the assistant until 2011 when it came installed on the iPhone 4S. Apple kicked off the decade giving us the first iPad in 2010.

Amazon was a big retailer in 2010, but became a bigger part of our everyday lives with its Echo devices. The smart home assistants which are now in the homes of over 100 million people wasn’t released until November 2014.

They were great at giving us the daily forecast and playing music, but today Alexa will control home security cameras, thermostats, doorbells, garage doors and coffee pots.

Facebook has been around since 2004, but in 2010 it was growing fast as baby boomers and senior citizens began getting their own accounts and posting photos and updates. By 2011, Facebook had become the largest online photo host in the world. When their parents and grandparents jumped on Facebook, millions of teenagers left looking for another place to share and hang-out with friends.

Enter Instagram in 2010. It quickly became popular, with teenagers and millennials downloading the app and posting photos of themselves and what they were eating for lunch. It was purchased by Facebook a year later for $1 billion and gave birth to a term that’s in our everyday conversations: selfie.

Never before had people taken so many self-portraits and sharing them with others. Today, Instagram is the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and YouTube.

The decade of the 2010s also gave us virtual reality goggles, Google Glass, Snapchat, consumer drones, streaming TV services for live television, 4K TVs, self-driving cars and home security doorbells you could have up and running in minutes while viewing the images live on your smartphone.

But the biggest story of the tech teens? It was Feb. 10, 2011, when Verizon began selling the iPhone. Up until then only AT&T customers had the option to use the iPhone. Apple began producing a version of the phone that would work on Verizon and other cellular providers networks.

When that happened, it opened up the Apple ecosystem to everyone, and I think that was the single biggest event that helped shape where we are today.

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