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Deltoid Exercise: The 5-10-20 Deltoid Bodybuilding Routine (Punta Cana) – jj

Deltoid Exercise: The 5-10-20 Deltoid Bodybuilding Routine (Punta Cana)

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While in the Dominican Republic I shot a mini bodybuilding routine I performed in the very small and limited hotel gym. Whether your goal is to bring out your anterior delts, lateral delts or rear delts, this delt workout will show you how to stimulate your shoulders with three unique deltoid exercises and three different rep schemes. Here are the specs to make this your best deltoid workout ever. Enjoy the unique shoulder exercises.

Week 1 – 2 Sets
Week 2 – 3 Sets
Week 3 – 4 Sets
Week 4 – 5 Sets

A1 – Prone Dumbbell Shoulder Presses – 5 reps
A2 – Bent Over 1 Arm Cable Raise – 10 reps
A3 – Leaning Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises – 20 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat.

Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
WBFF Pro Fitness Model
P.I.C.P. Level 1 and 2 Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified


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  1. Hi Vince, I'm a big fan of you, where I can coseguir their books in Spanish, I'm from Mexico and I've been in the gym for a while and i have had very good results, but I want to go a step higher and begin to train as a bodybuilder pro

  2. I found that when doing any shoulder raise, think about moving the weight/cable away from you rather than just raising it up. when thought of this when doing any raising exercises it helped keep me focused on the shoulder. try it out!

  3. I actually enjoy workout-to-go per say. when im home I have alot of things that can distract me and draw my attention. but when im away, say staying in a hotel, I got nothing else to do so i stay focused and do more, longer workouts.

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