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[Eng Sub] Kayano x Matsuoka Candy Phrases – No Radio No Life – jj

[Eng Sub] Kayano x Matsuoka Candy Phrases – No Radio No Life

scene from episode 25 of No Radio no Life hosted by Kayano Ai(Shiro) and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu(Sora), seiyuu from No Game no Life. comment, like, share and …



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  1. I think they were just hiding their personal and real proposal to each other through the “it’s just work” excuse so it won’t be obvious and lose fans (BUT DON’T THESE TWO REALIZE IT’S MAKING THE SHIP STRONGER AND INVITING MORE TO JOIN THE CREW!!? . Best example 1:20 but the excuse came on 1:28.

    Yes, I am and have already been aboard the ship… since NGNL days.

  2. even though i already watch this many times but everytime i see thumbnail Matsuoka-Ai i still click it and watch it
    and still keep getting embrassed again xD
    those words must be from the bottom of their heart (♥ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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