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Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn flee Japan in a musical instrument field? | Why did Carlos, former NISSAN's chairman, must flee Japan after sitting in a musical instrument? – jj

Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn flee Japan in a musical instrument field? | Why did Carlos, former NISSAN's chairman, must flee Japan after sitting in a musical instrument?


new Delhi: A unique news has surfaced about Carlos Ghosn, former chairman of Japan's famous car company Nissan (NISSAN) facing corruption charges. Carlos Ghosn broke out of the siege of security personnel and escaped by sitting in an instrument i.e. a musical instrument. This strangely interesting news reminded me of an anecdote related to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. You must have heard that story of Chhatrapati Shivaji, in which he managed to get out of Aurangzeb's captivity by sitting in sweets baskets. However, there is a difference between the two events. Shivaji did this to answer the sly Aurangzeb at that time, while Carlos himself is accused of corruption.

Carlos is accused of financial misappropriation in the Nissan company and spent 130 crore rupees for personal use of the company. He bought houses in Paris, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam and spent around Rs 23 crore on the interior design of his flat in Tokyo. Carlos was arrested on 19 November 2018 at Tokyo Airport. In March 2019, he got bail on a bond of 63 crore rupees, which is the most expensive amount of surety in the history of Japan.

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Carlos was arrested again and got bail again, but the condition was that he would not leave Japan. He was placed under house arrest in Tokyo. Video cameras were installed outside the house. Many security personnel were watching them. Nevertheless, Carlos managed to escape to Lebanon far away from Japan's grip. It is being said that Carlos helped in this work by his wife Carole.

According to the report, the plan of Carlos's escape was already made about three months ago. A private security firm was given the responsibility. Carlos had a party at his house in Tokyo on Christmas. It is estimated that during this period, 5-inch 6-inch Carlos locked himself in a 6-fit instrument and exited the house.

When this musical instrument came out of Carlos' house, no one was suspicious, because he had invited a Christmas band to the party. After leaving home, Carlos went to a small airport in Japan … and then before the private plane, he reached the Turkish city of Istanbul and then the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Carlos has citizenship of three countries France, Lebanon and Brazil. His passports were confiscated by the Japanese government, but Carlos managed to escape from Japan. They used a small airport in Japan so that people could not recognize them. Lebanese officials say they had received orders not to conduct an immigration check.

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There is chaos in Japan due to Carlos' escape, while in Lebanon he is seen as a hero. He was born in Brazil, but lived in Lebanon since childhood. Lebanese people see him as a business tycoon. There is no extradition treaty between Lebanon and Japan. In such a situation, it will not be easy to take Carlos to Japan. Generally, fugitives like Carlos also talk about justice and injustice. Carlos also says that he left Japan because the justice system there is not fair and injustice was being done to him in Japan.

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Japan's judicial system believes in confession more than evidence. There the punishment rate is about 100 percent. Which means that the police there gets caught, it is proved to be guilty. In Japan, any person can be detained for 23 days without disclosing his mistake. During this, he is strongly questioned. Many times the accused are not even allowed to meet the lawyer.

It is believed that during the interrogation, the Japanese police can confess any crime. But the biggest challenge facing Japan right now is how do they bring Carlos back?

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