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know the advantages of fasting, full particulars right here | Additionally, you will be shocked by the scientific wonders of the quick, you’ll begin planning it – jj

know the advantages of fasting, full particulars right here | Additionally, you will be shocked by the scientific wonders of the quick, you’ll begin planning it


new Delhi: Party, feast, food and drink many of you must have done all this in the New Year celebration. Now you need to get into fast mode so that you can stay fit. Fast mode means one needs to enter the fast mode. Today you should know about the scientific miracles of fasting.

According to a report published in the New England Journal of medicine, fasting for 6 hours can cure diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Intermittent fasting i.e. eating nothing for 6 hours and walking in the same sequence for 18 hours, a person can get the most benefit of fasting. Even age can be stopped. That is, you can eat three times in 24 hours, but after a gap of 6 hours. The list of benefits of following the rules of fasting is such that you might decide to fast now, but for this you should read our analysis completely. – Because everyone is the right person to fast, it is also not necessary.

Fasting is usually seen by associating fast with devotion and devotion. In India, there are different rules for fasting from 1 day fast to 40 days in every religion. Some people also keep fast for weight loss. According to the spiritual aspects of the fast, along with the devotion and devotion of God, fasting is a means to control the mind, the senses, the desires. People fast for a moderate life. But fasting only to the mind and soul
Does not purify, fasting also works on purity of body with mind.

First of all, we tell you what the results of the research say. Fast for 6 hours and if you continue in this sequence for 18 hours, then the body switches from glucose energy to ketone energy. That is, you can eat three times a day but only three times. According to research, if the fasting system is followed, old age can be stopped for a long time. The ability to withstand stress is less, illnesses are less frequent. The claim is also that cancer prevention is also possible.

By the way, do you know that our ancestors did not follow the system of food for three times. Earlier, everywhere and everywhere, food was not easily available on fast food, food vans, restaurants or apps. Earlier, food was usually available only once a day, that too from natural sources – we were earlier dependent on hunting of trees, plants or animals. Apart from this, walking was the only mode of transport – which is still considered the best exercise to digest food.

But the side effects of development gave us fast food. Gave a 24×7 lifestyle, and also gave 24×7 food. The result is in the face of obesity and diseases. In the fast, that is, in the rule of staying hungry for a few hours, what is it that works like a medicine. For this, you have to understand the science behind the fast. The body needs energy to keep it running, which it gets from the glucose and fatty acids produced after eating.

After eating food, glucose starts to consume energy as the fuel of the body. And fatty acids accumulate in the tissues as triglycerides. When you are fasting, that is, you are hungry for many hours, then the liver converts fatty acids into ketones. Excessive formation of ketones activates cells, causing damage to sick cells. You can understand it in such a way that the repair process in the body is accelerated automatically. In addition, control of glucose may be better. It is believed that by keeping the cells active through fasting, diseases like cancer can be prevented.

Ketones are considered a good source of energy, especially for the brain. When the stomach is full, the amount of ketones in the body is very less. Ketones start forming rapidly after 8 to 12 hours of fasting. In 24 hours, 2 to 5 mm (millimolar) ketones are formed. Scientists see the results of research done on mice before reaching these results. It has been observed that rats eat a lot of food together and after 20 hours they do not eat anything – during this process the process of insectogenesis starts in their body.

An analysis of the data of different studies conducted from 1934 to 2012 was also done, which showed that by giving food in mice, their lifespan increased by 14 to 45 percent. In a second study, two groups of 100 overweight women were formed. One group fasted for 2 days a week while the other group cut daily calories by 25 percent. That is, I did not fast but cut food. This rule was followed for 6 months. The fasting group lost more weight and insulin levels also improved. So can you fast What can you eat while opening the fast. Will you also get the same benefits from this formula as the research claims.

According to Dietician Kanchan Sondhi, how many people will get the benefits of fasting, a diet that is restrained and rules, it is decided by how old you are. Are you female or male and how is your genetic nature. That is, what kind of body you have inherited. And also from the fact that after fasting, what did you eat?

Intermittent fasting means three types of fasting are very popular. Fasting at intervals of one day, fasting for two days a week or eating according to the time of day. That is, time restricted diet. This research has been done on a system with a gap of 6 hours. This study done on animals proves that by fasting, age can be reduced, weight can be reduced. These are the two biggest advantages. However, how will it affect humans. Apart from age and your health, it will depend on what you are eating after fasting.

There are also many people who are advised not to fast for their better health. According to the endocrinologist Dr. Surendra Kumar, people who are over 65 years old or have very low weight… Those under 18 years of age are also advised not to fast. Becoming a mother of a newborn or breast-feeding. Fasting is also forbidden for patients with diabetes. However, such people can follow the diet with the advice of their doctor.

Scientists believe that by keeping fast, control over glucose is better, blood pressure and heart rate are controlled. But fasting more than necessary can also cause loss of hair, stress, sleeplessness. Therefore, in every religion, the fasts are according to the seasons.

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