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Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton backstage on the CMA Awards – jj

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton backstage on the CMA Awards

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  1. Blake is drinking his life away . In stead of driving his life away he did that too. Now he feels stuck with bimbo that can't sing has now body and no boobs at least Meranda is cute and if bimbo hadn't through her self at Blake kept his hands off her and was in lust with bimbo now the lust is gone and he is drinking more yes he made fun of it when he fell on stage some think it was planned it may have been but he said he was drinking a lot. Did he or did he lie. I don't think he lied if he did that's pretty stupid on his part. I think he woke up and realized what he through away for a skinny no boby. She can't even sell 3500 tickets in Vegas pertty bad if you ask me. Now bimbo is crying to Blake I can't sell tickets. And she's going to stop doing anything because she want time with Blake and the kids. Well she could of did that with her hubby that way he wouldn't of had sex with the nanny because. she don't raise the child nannies did most kids are raised that way now. Blake has to drink just to put up with her wineing voice boy it's bad when she can't sell that many tickets. Nothing is free there is always a price to pay and Blake is paying big time. Now because he feels that she is going to hang on to him to be a babysitter . That's not what Blake wanted he wanted the frosting and cake too but look what he has now and old wore out woman that is trying to be exactly like Meranda in her cowboy boots and short shorts it don't work. She thought that Blake would like it. Yes he would if you was Meranda. He is sorry he divorced Meranda well he was the one that cheated.

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