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Pakistan Expels Indian Envoy, Suspends Commerce Over Kashmir: Report – jj

Pakistan Expels Indian Envoy, Suspends Commerce Over Kashmir: Report

Pakistan today expelled the Indian envoy in Islamabad and announced a five-point plan that included a downgrade of its ties with India and suspension of …


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  1. Thanks Pakistan because of you bonds between USA ,India and Russia is been increased and we can exchange weapons and technology and nuclear weapons can't be send towards India Indian satellites have capability to turn missile into sea

  2. مودی تمھیں منہ کی کھانی پڑے گی انشاءاللہ بے گناہ لوگوں کو قتل کرنے پر انشاءاللہ اور کشمیر بنے گا پاکستان انشاءاللہ اور آزاد جلدی ہی ہو گا انشاءاللہ

  3. Illegal, fraudulent and betrayal act by Indian Govt with Kashmiris : UN Resolution (1948) about disputed Kashmir territory (Both areas of Pakistan and India) is violated by Indian Govt. India Went to UN in 1948, and India and Pakistan agreed with UN resolution and signed resolution which states that Kashmir issue must be solved with the wills of Kashmiris. Sadly, Indian Govt betrayed and breached UN agreement. Killing thousands and torturing innocent people wont work. State leaders of Kashmir are arrested and locked down. No internet, no mobile service, people are locked down in homes. Forced changing of the face of territory is illegal and against UN resolution and against the will of Kashmiri people from more than 70 years . Bringing outsiders/non Muslims to Kashmir and change Muslim majority into minority is illegal/against the UN resolution. These brutal acts will surely ignite this movement of Freedom.
    Mehbooba Mufti (State Minister of Kashmir) Said today: Today the people of Jammu & Kashmir who reposed their faith in institutions of India like parliament & Supreme Court feel defeated & betrayed. By dismembering the state & fraudulently taking away what is rightfully & legally ours, they have further complicated the Kashmir dispute

  4. Imran sahib, Pakistan ki development pe dhyan dijye, appki personal problems and issues itne hain, aur aap ne Kashmir le ke kya karna hai, apne Muslim bhai jaans ko bhi bhooke, beruzgar, gurbat ki zindagi deni hai,

  5. What you people don’t seem to understand is Israel is goading India into carrying out certain acts which suit the Zionist Agenda and fools on either side with their pathetic patriot cries are willing go at each other’s throats. The British may leave India but the slave master mentality has not left the region.

    Well done to the nationals of both counties who after so long still can not undo the shackles of colonialism…

  6. Sad to see no have feelings 4 kashmiri in India.. wase democratic bante hen.. Humans rights ki bat kartain hen.. PAKISTAN respond Karna abhi shoro Kia ha.. Bas dhakte jaoo.. jitne loG yahn Dant nikal rahe sab. K ander ho gy.. terror Mata k bachoo

  7. Apni naak upar rakhne ki ladai main uljhe hain… Pakistan ki public shud demand their welfare and so shud India's…Real satisfaction of living in a free country shud come from seeing happy faces in your house..And around you due to better standard of living…Aapa toh bas udhar ke hatiyaar khareed ke he khush hona seekh liye hain… Pakistan shud stop bulshitting with India…The kashmir they so care abt..Is going to be a much better place in years to come …Pak also have a beautiful part of Kashmir..Please show some concern there..And for God's sake behave like a decent neighbour.. It will go a long way in making pakistan a Happy and developing nation

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