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Rastreator at MQC – We evaluate insurance coverage, tires and way more – Elena Betés – Rastreator.com ™ – jj

Rastreator at MQC – We evaluate insurance coverage, tires and way more – Elena Betés – Rastreator.com ™

'MQC' dedicates this program to Rastreator.com, a comparator that allows the user to save time and money in hiring their insurance. In its almost 5 years of life Rastreator.com has gone from comparing only Car insurance to expanding its offer with other services such as Telephony. Elena Betés, CEO of Rastreator.com, explains the growth and evolution of the company with these words: "Rastreator.com not only compares Car insurance. Users can also go to the comparator to search for Motorcycle, Health or Pet insurance and other services such as car rental, flights, loans or mobile rates. "

If you want to compare mobile or ADSL rates you can do it here:

OFF LOCATION: Since there are price comparators on the Internet to formalize a car insurance, buy a second-hand car or change the tires has the greatest guarantees.

And not only this. Because through companies such as Rastreator, a pioneer in Spain in the use of this kind of tools, saving is not only important but this operation is done comfortably saving time. But, nobody better than the General Director of Rastreator, Elena Betés, to tell us how the company has been growing in the almost 5 years that it has been running since its birth.

ELENA BETÉS: We started on March 30, 2009, already 4 and a half years ago, and it is true that we have expanded service but maintain the same spirit. Our goal is a tool that saves time and money.

OFF LOCATION: They started with insurance and now they have expanded services and if we use the comparator to buy several products at the same time the money savings can be considerable.

ELENA BETÉS: You all know that we started with car insurance. From there, where have we moved? First to the purchase sale of vehicles. Checking the quality of the vehicle you are buying, even the tires … I think with that we have covered a circle of all the services you may need in the vehicle.

If what we are trying to look for is concrete examples we have a Ford Focus, which is one of the cars that circulate the most in our country. We take one with about 5 years, with one hundred thousand kilometers, in good condition … The price differences that we can find on our website with hundreds of reference are between 4,800 euros the cheapest and 8,900 the most expensive. The difference is substantial. We are talking about 4,100 euros of possible savings.
Once we have selected 2 or 3 vehicles from this list we most likely want to check the quality of all of them or part. What we can do is send a mechanic to check all the key points that guarantee that what we are buying is appropriate.

Once we have it selected we have to ensure it. The price differences between Basic insurance or Third Party, Extended Third Party or All Risk insurance can be around 800 euros. It is very important that we determine what is the correct coverage and what services we are hiring and want to hire. We return again to which comparing is fundamental.

Imagine that we have already bought the car and we have secured it correctly, it is very important. And a fundamental safety element in all vehicles are tires. We have to be aware that you have to always have them ready and what does that mean? That we should evaluate if they are not worn. Once they are worn, again, we can compare through Rastreator.com between more than twenty thousand references and choose tires that are of good quality at a good price. We save time and money again.

OFF LOCATION: However, the company does not stagnate and has already prepared new proposals.

ELENA BETÉS: If you ask us now what? We have been asked to compare new cars, it is true that with the second-hand car it seems that the savings are substantial, but why not new cars? But, we don't want to stop only in the automobile world, the next steps take us to telephony. The truth is that we don't set limits.


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