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Washer MABE id system 12 Kg no lava works direct – jj

Washer MABE id system 12 Kg no lava works direct

This type of washing machines ID SYSTEM 4.0 usually fail the triac. In this opportunity we will see that it works directly just by plugging it in, connecting it. Technician throughout Lima

This gives us an indication that one of the triac is wrong, that is why this washing machine works directly without programming it.

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Why Mabe washing machine does not wash? This may be due to the hall sensor that is in the engine, this problem can happen because it drops water and no longer turns:

How to check the transmission box of the Mabe washing machine? There are many aspects that we have to take into account when reviewing a transmission of a washing machine in this video, we show step by step what we should do:

Why does my washing machine not wash but spin? As I explained earlier, this can happen because the mechanical or electronic part is wrong, specifically the hall sensor that is in the engine:


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