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2020-01-01 [Eng Sub & Indo Sub] Full Video BTS All member Vlive in America – jj

2020-01-01 [Eng Sub & Indo Sub] Full Video BTS All member Vlive in America

Sub Subtitle : English , Indonesia , Arabian, Italian , Vietnam , Thailand , China , Japan , Espanol , Brazil , Russian and Turkey ( All Subtitle ) . BTS Vlive 2020-01-01. BTS Full Video Vlive in America for celebrating New year 2020 .

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  1. Love them for who they are. Wish them do well in 2020. Just my opinion on learning English, think BigHit could do something to help them as they are now global artists and RM can help to create English environment daily. Singing English songs helps too. BTW, thanks for the subtitle, I watched earlier one and just laught not understandinging a word.

  2. Why does Tae always look so sad these days? It breaks my heart to see him like this. I really hope he's okay. Poor baby 🙁 Also did anyone else feel so bad for Tae when Jungkook wouldn't let his speak ? They seem really off with each other these days. Hope everything is okay. Taehyung, we love you. Please stay happy and healthy 💜💜💜

  3. Why does Tae look so sad ? Where is his box smiles and cheerfulness and goofy-ness ? I don't want him to be sad. I really am worried. I won't know what to do if anything happens to him. Oh dear, I'm scared.

  4. Guys does VLIVE have subs?even late subs? What's the app like? Can non-korean speakers use it?I don't wanna try to download it and then figure out I can't use it at all. It would leave me bawling.and slightly heartbroken.

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