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A glance again at a decade of telephone and tech evolution – jj

A glance again at a decade of telephone and tech evolution


A decade ago, cell phones were different:
In 2008, the first iPhone was released, said JC Heerdt, marketing director at Illinois Valley Cellular.
“So, by the time 2010 rolled around — we were already starting to see smartphones. BlackBerry and iPhone were household names. Windows phone and Android were also emerging in the new smartphone market,” he said.
Heerdt provided the NewsTribune with more info on what phones looked like a decade ago.
What was the average phone that people had then?
Only one out of five people had a smartphone in 2010. He said that most people still carried flip phones, like the NOKIAs, LG Wine, LG Prestige, Motorola RAZR or a Motorola rugged phone like the Quantico.
What did battery life look like back then?
Smartphones had 7-14 hours of talk time, compared to “all day” batteries today from Apple and Samsung today, he said.
How much storage did the average phone back then hold?
“iPhone 4 had 8, 16 & 32 GB of storage,” he said. “HTC Hero only had a half gig internal, with an expandable SD card slot. Almost all early Androids had expandable storage, with very little internal space. Likewise, the BlackBerry Curve had only 256 MB internal, with expandable memory with an SD card.”
What was the average price of a phone back then?
“We were still on contract ‘subsidized’ smartphones plans,” Heerdt said. “So, to get a smartphone for $199, you’d have to sign a 2 year contract. Today, you see less expensive rate plans, and pay for the entire device in monthly installments. So, a $199 iPhone in 2010 actually had a retail price tag of $499. So, with the iPhone 11 retailing at $699, the price has gone up a bit in 10 years.”


2010-2020 Social Media Use
Twitter users: First quarter of 2010 — 30 million.
Late 2019 — 336 million
Facebook users: First quarter of 2010 — 431 million.
Late 2019 — 2.5 billion
Snapchat users: September 2011 relaunched from Picaboo. 2014 users — 46 million.
Late 2019 — 210 million
Source: www.statista.com

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