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In any case, what’s the downside with the slogan 'La Ilaha Ilallah'? : Viewpoint – jj

In any case, what’s the downside with the slogan 'La Ilaha Ilallah'? : Viewpoint


Citizenship amendment law

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Slogans of "La Ilaha Illallah" were allegedly being raised during the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Citizenship Register (NRC). A video of this has gone viral on social media, after which some people are also calling it Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is made up of a two-word treaty: Islam and phobia. Phobia means fear, fear, terror.

Congress Party MP Shashi Tharoor had tweeted recently about Islam, which is a clear example of Islamophobia.

Tharoor tweeted in English that "La Ilaha Illallah" is an example of Islamic extremism.

He wrote, "Due to our fight against Hindu extremism, Islamic extremists should not feel that we are with them. We are fighting both types of extremism. We will not allow religious fundamentalism to replace plurality and diversity."

Tharoor further wrote, "We are saving inclusive India".

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What is 'extremist' or 'extremist' like in it?

"La ilaha ilallah" literally means "there is no other god but Allah". Its next line is "Muhammadu Rasool Allah" i.e. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.

What is the extremism in this? Should a Christian be considered an extremist because he considers Jesus the son of God or a Hindu because he is a worshiper of Vishnu or Shiva?

After all, why does Tharoor not find "La Ilaha Ilallah" inclusive? Why do they think that this slogan will lead the movement against the Citizenship Amendment Act towards religious extremism?

Every fourth person of the seven billion population of the earth is a Muslim.

After all, what is the reason that Tharoor does not see peace and purity in the humiliation of twenty-two billion Muslims of the world? Don't see modesty and sanity? It could have seemed to Tharoor that this slogan would make this mass movement more liberal, tolerant and compassionate?

This tweet by Tharoor is getting a lot of support from the Indian Liberal-Secular section on social media, especially non-Muslims.

This is the class that is heartily opposed to Hindutva and is also a supporter of Muslims, but maintains the same thinking about Islam as Tharoor.

This class is saying that if the road scams are given the color of Islamic identity, then non-Muslims will disperse and the movement will weaken.

This class is also arguing that if the agitating Muslims bring out the religious identity then the government will crush the movement by calling them religious fundamentalists.

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If Jai Bheem can say, why not La Ilaha Ilallah?

It is to be noted that this class, which wants to stop Muslims from expressing their identity, is supportive of articulating the Dalit identity in the Dalit struggle and the tribal identity in the tribal struggle.

When the Secular-Liberals can shout "Jai Bhima" shoulder to shoulder with the Dalit agitators, why can't they stand with the Muslims and chant "La Ilaha Illallah"?

Public discussion on 'Islamophobia' in India is negligible, so many people do not understand that they are falling prey to prejudice.

It is a pity that the Liberal-Secular Society of India does not even conduct intellectual discussions on Islam.

Secular-Liberal people of India should know that Islam has been giving courage to the oppressed Indian minority Muslims for decades.

The Muslim women who are sitting on the road today in the cold winter are getting encouragement from their religion.

Today the police of India is terrorizing them by entering the houses of Muslims, torturing their children and torturing them, killing the Muslims openly by shooting indiscriminately. Still, does Tharoor want Muslims not to become Muslims?

The true Liberal will accept the Muslims of India including Islam, as the Prime Minister of that country did after wearing a hijab and going to the mosque after the terrorist attack in the mosque in New Zealand in March 2019. Or like the Christians of a church in Kerala wearing a hijab and netted hat this week.

It has also become necessary for the secular Liberal people of India to start learning about Islam and Islamic history by moving away from the propaganda. Read biography of Prophet Mohammad. Read the Quran and start visiting mosques.

We also get this learning of liberalism from the Muslims of India, who despite being religious, have openly adopted many atheists or Hindu intellectuals like Arundhati Roy and Kavita Krishnamurthy. Then why should we reject Muslim Islam?

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