BJP's missed name marketing campaign for help on CAA, quantity raised



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To show the number of how many people in the country support the Citizenship Amendment Act-2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party issued a mobile number two days ago.

It was claimed on behalf of the party that by making a missed call on this phone number, anyone can give their support on the decision of the Modi government regarding the new citizenship law.

But on social media many people are making various claims to make maximum missed calls to this phone number.

On other platforms of social media including Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, it is being claimed to have many features in exchange for calling this number.

There are many fake accounts on social media in the name of girls, from which the mobile number of BJP has been posted and it is written that they should call this number to talk to these girls.

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On 2 January 2020, the Bharatiya Janata Party released its Official twitter handle From this number was announced.

The party along with #IndiaSupportsCAA wrote in this tweet, "Make a missed call to 8866288662 to support your Citizenship Amendment Act-2019."

After this, on 3 January, the Home Minister of India and BJP's working president Amit Shah repeated the party's message in a meeting held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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He said, "I will call a number, call that number, there will be no charge and your support will go to Narendra Modi. I request you that this entire team of Rahul Baba, Mamta and Kejriwal is answered. To give, Prime Minister Narendra Modi to support the CAA giving justice and rights to minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan Dial 8866288662 and convey your support to Modi ji. "

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Misleading messages

Many people are raising questions on social media that while promoting this number, Home Minister Amit Shah has told the party's aim, but he did not say what will be the recognition of the data he is submitting? That too when social media users are trying different types of tricks to get an incorrectly missed call to this number.

In the last two days, most of the big leaders of the party have promoted this number from their social media accounts.

But this number is now being mocked on social media and many people are criticizing it.

Netflix India too has had to refute a misleading message being shared with this number.

A Twitter user named Murali Krishna wrote that 'To watch free Netflix for six months, call 8866288662. This offer is only for the first thousand people to call.

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In response, Netflix India wrote, "This is fake news."

On Saturday, a local Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh, Devashish Jarria, also issued a separate mobile number in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. This number was included in the top trends of Twitter on Saturday.

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He too appealed to the people on the lines of BJP and wrote with # 99535_88585_AgainstCAA, "Let's get the protest registered. #IndiaAgainstCAA_NPR_NRC miss this number and tell Modi-Shah what is the mood of the country."

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