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Blaire White says a loud minority of trans activists 'are making us all look insane' – jj

Blaire White says a loud minority of trans activists 'are making us all look insane'

Transgender commentator Blaire White says it is illogical to allow trans women to compete against biological women in competitive sport.


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  1. I'm sure the lib/left feminists have stirred up some trans people for their own ends. There is a dichotomy among women who accept the basic premise that men and women are of equal value. The majority of women. To shorten this comment as much as possible, let's say the split involves ordinary woman and feminists. Ordinary women think men and women are different, but equal. Feminists predicate their claim for equality on the basis of sameness. Their calling card is Simone de Beauvoir's famous dictum, "One is not born a woman, one becomes one". They accept sex differences ie breasts and ovaries, but claim these are irrelevant to behaviour, feelings, life-choices or outlook. Modern, Marxist or militant feminism has a lot riding on this.

    The trans movement is very convenient to their argument. If a woman is just body parts, remove those body parts and shazzam! He is no longer a woman. I think these aggressive feminists have hijacked the trans movement for their own gain. The lib/left kick in their MO. They cream off the vulnerable from the herd and buddy up. They are the only ones who care! They are the only ones who fight for trans rights! The "others" are demonised. Many trans people have been treated badly, so they find it easy to believe that all conservatives, Christians and other undesirables really are the enemy. The trans activist becomes a loudspeaker for militant feminism.

    You are right. They make us all look insane. Trans women and biological women.

    Shakespeare noted, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown". You pay a price for your leadership. I'm sure far more than we know. Clearly your conscience means more to you than an easy life. This is a rare quality and I applaud it. I believe history will too.

  2. And Blaire it's absolutely correct. The weird, off-putting folks are the ones that keep making headlines, and those who are outside the LGBT bubble looking in are likely assuming that's what being trans is about, which sucks, because there are some very cool, level headed trans people out there getting a bad rap because of it.

  3. so ya you are all insane
    blaire white is a MAN i just want to point out HIS dna is unchangeable.
    if HE wants to pretend to be a woman thats fine but just like my little niece pretending to be a princess. i dont have to go along with it and pretend its real..

  4. She puts most women to shame? I've nothing against Blaire White, but she has very obviously had a lot of plastic surgery. Nothing shameful about a woman accepting and making the best of herself as she is instead of going under the knife every 5 minutes.

  5. It's not because Blair White is calling out toxic trans activists that he isn't toxic himself. You can't change your sex.. being a woman is not about cosmetics, though that's pretty much all men see in women

  6. I have to disagree with one thing. I think if a child decides to transition with 12-14 should still be up to the child and not decided from someone else. After all, it is something someone only can really know themselves. And of course extensive talks about sideeffects and consequences that wait further up the road.

  7. I really wish I could ask this reporter in which way exactly does Blair put us "natural born" woman to shame… The thing is that I like Blair, she sounds reasonable in the things she says, so many positive things this reporter could have said about Blair that it was really unnecessary & superficial to say that she puts women to shame, implying stuff about her great looks & performance of femininity… women now are each other's gatekeepers when it comes to gender expectations.

  8. holy shit i did not realise Blaire started her channel after only a month of starting her journey, weird to think that you've watched someone and been with them through this whole process. Love you so much Blaire, it fills my heart to the top knowing you're doing so well !

  9. People have no idea how many transgender people they have met and had normal conversations with. It's only the freaks who dye their hair pink and have meltdowns on their college campus who fit that 'stereotype' and are identified as trans when 99% of them actually aren't. We need to do a better job of representing ourselves like Blaire has here instead of letting the insane minority speak over us.

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