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Buyer Fires Garden Enterprise – jj

Buyer Fires Garden Enterprise

We got fired… Kinda stinks, but I’ve learned… It’s kinda part of the game.

Eventually, you’re gonna let someone down, no matter how hard you try.

I really believe this was a case of our lawn business and mowing schedule not being a good fit for the homeowner.

They would be better served by a solo guy who has more flexibility in his lawn business’s schedule.

What are your thoughts? Did we mess up, or just outgrow this client…

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  1. Fuck no I don't text clients 15 min before I come, I've had those before, their stupid. Your client may have had a good reason, they sound reasonable. But I've had clients who were unrealistic and stupid, seemed they were just trying to give me a hard time lol! Screw those people, they can suck it. And I make that known to them.

  2. I still accommodate the text messages requests, due to safety reasons with the dogs. As for accommodating window time, I got rid of that. I had this one woman that wouldn’t let me service her house between 11 AM and 5 PM. She didn’t want her husband to know that I was servicing her yard. I would like to do away with having to send text messages, but I don’t know if that will be able to happen.

  3. As it’s is a pain to send a text message to every account the day prior, I want to make sure I get paid and the property’s are ready for service. I just use a simple message and then copy and paste it. It also gives my clients an opportunity to communicate any additional services or saves me a trip if for some reason the property can’t be serviced (too wet, just had it treated or wait till they take down the lawn ornaments lol)

  4. unfortunate john, that you had this happen, the only time I will bother my clients, is if I am unable to be at their property on the scheduled day for any un-for-seen reasons. Otherwise I do my best not to disturb my clients in any way, Now if they text me requesting a no service the day before I am willing to work with them, but If they call me/ text within 1 hour of service. I politely tell them that I am on the way to their property and canceling will come with a nominal fee for my time/ fuel/ and associated cost's. all of which is discussed before any verbal or written contract is taken to take care of their property!

  5. I had one client that wanted me there after 10 am or before 3pm because his wife had real bad allergies. Welp sure enough same thing happened as it did to you I just got to busy and to many variables to deal with that it wasn't going to work for me anymore. A buddy of mine picked him up three months later he got fired too 😂😂

  6. I am sorry .I would have kicked them to the curb , I service every house every week NO BI WEEKLY ALLOWED .I get to every house at the same time with in 10 min unless bad weather or a mower down . Never will i let a customer tell me what time i can do there weekly service . Good luck to them finding a Landscape company that cares about quality

  7. I just got fire from a commercial lawn
    Are agreement was to mow once a week , and put down fertilizing twice a year and mulch. This morning the manager came out and asked me to prune some trees and to pull out some weeds in the parking lot I told him that that was extra he told me that if I wasn’t able to do it then he would look for someone else that could do it, and i said you need to understand my company has to make money to, and he said I’m already paying you enough and I said yes but that was not the agreement we had when I took over your lawn so I said I’m sorry but I’m done working for you. It sucks to lose 150.00 a week. 🙇🏻‍♂️

  8. Great topic!!! The moment the client asked for that, I would have said no…. I’m not driving around at different times for that. When I go past your house is when I go past your house. I will make accommodations if they are having a party or something like that but not for that. What happens when her neighbors house gets cut between those hours? People are funny!!!!

  9. Life happens. Letting someone know your coming out is respectful. Whether it be a death in family, someone sick, hardship of any kind that happens. The last thing they are thinking of is their yard. So for myself I would have to agree to a courtesy text or call.

  10. I do not accommodate for those types of clients. I agree with your stance, you tried to keep your agreement but as you grew it just simply wasn't a fit for your model. You have to be hard nosed because everything has to be systematized. Just like taking credit cards has been a requirement in my business. Love your videos and your content.

  11. Let me start by saying I love your videos and have learned a ton from you. With that being said, I'm still small (20 clients, we provide evening and weekend lawn service after my full time job) and I believe in keeping your word. In my opinion, the second or third time at the latest you couldn't honor the agreement (and understandably so), you could have asked for accommodation or given her the opportunity to choose another service. The fact that they had to fire you after four or five times just doesn't seem like the ideal outcome. While I agree they weren't a good fit for your growing business, I think you both would have felt better if you had gotten in front of the issue. Best of luck and congrats on the business!

  12. You can accommodate to an extent as your growth allows. Once you get enough customers it is too difficult to accommodate more than a few.
    I mow certain customers on a specific day, but never contact them before I come out. If it rains, or there is drought, I show up when I show up.

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