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Quick and Simple! Getting Insurance coverage On-line for Solely P1,799 with FWD Life! – jj

Quick and Simple! Getting Insurance coverage On-line for Solely P1,799 with FWD Life!

Getting insured has never been this easy! I’m glad I stumbled upon FWD’s KanDuu Insurance!

Designed with wellness warriors and health buffs in mind, KanMend gives you a cash benefit of Php100,000 that can be used for medical treatments in case the insured is once you get diagnosed with any of the 42 covered critical illnesses. Its welcome reward: six months’ unlimited access to KonsultaMD’s 24/7 telemedicine service. No need to leave the house to consult with licensed Filipino doctors. All you need is to call!

KanLive, has a cash benefit of Php200,000 in case of the insured’s death and a reward of One-year unlimited medical consultations at any courtesy of Aventus Medical clinics nationwide.

Do you love to travel,? Have a thirst for adventure? Want to live life on the edge? KanGuard gives a Php500,000 a cash benefit in case of accidental death or disability due to terrorist attacks, anywhere in the world. As its reward, it comes with a one-year global subscription emergency services by Assist America for travels.

Check out their website and shop for your preferred insurance policy with these links:



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