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'General Hospital' Comings And Goings: Baby James West Swap – Other Baby News & Kid Updates – jj

'General Hospital' Comings And Goings: Baby James West Swap – Other Baby News & Kid Updates


General Hospital comings and goings promise twins Caleb and Kyler Ends who play baby James West will be staying on as Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) adorable son on the sudser. Certainly, the kids are a joy to see on the screen and bring a much-needed dose of cuteness into all the drama. Check out who’s leaving and who’s sticking around on ABC daytime.

General Hospital Comings & Goings: Caleb And Kyler Ends Staying On As Little James West

GH casting info confirms twins Kyler and Caleb Ends will continue to play Maxie Jones’ beloved son James West. Recently, the three-year-olds took on a new role as Jordan Ridgeway’s (Chrishell Stause Hartley) son David Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives.

However, their mother confirmed on their Instagram page that it won’t interfere with their role as James West on General Hospital. The tots will remain on both soaps for the foreseeable future. And you may notice an age difference between soaps since GH shoots a few weeks ahead and DOOL six months out.

In casting news, Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) back but for how long? GH spoilers suspect she’ll be around longer as she’s starting to scheme. However, nothing’s confirmed. No doubt, cast members and fans love that she’s back, even for a short stint, promise General Hospital comings and goings.

GH Comings and Goings: Theo And Erik Olsen Stealing Hearts As Baby Wiley

Also, General Hospital comings and goings say Erik and Theo Olsen melt hearts as baby Wiley Cooper-Jones. So far, they’ll continue to play the role as this major storyline’s set to explode. Soon enough, Port Chuck learns little Wiley is really Jonah Corinthos. Elsewhere on General Hospital, Andi Chapman appears on the scene.

She’s as Delores Malone, Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) probation officer. Also, fans may find her familiar as she’s been on primetime TV and film. She appeared in How To Get Away With Murder and 24 as well as the film The Rookie. It seems Delores keeps Sam on a tight leash. Surely, things were looking up for Sam but a chat with Dolores changed everything, hint General Hospital comings and goings.

General Hospital Comings And Goings: Jophielle Love Sticking Around

General Hospital casting news also reports Jophielle Love seems to be staying on as Violet Finn. No doubt, she captivates viewers with her adorable face and personality. Additionally, she reportedly adores working with the cast members. Certainly, her story with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) is just beginning.

So, there’s a good chance she will be seen on General Hospital for quite a while. Elsewhere, Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) is off the canvas again. Now, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) is himself again so Andre can return to his work overseas. Also, Lynn Herring’s back on soon as wacky Lucy Coe. Surely, a big storyline’s to be in the works for her.

Now, she and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) plan to revamp Lucy’s cosmetic line Deception. Certainly, Sasha as a public figure is bound to ruffle some feathers. Plus, Lucy certainly knows how to turn heads. Keep watching GH to see the adorable faces of Caleb and Kyler Ends as James West on the ABC sudser.

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