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Kinefinity KineBat Mini V-Lock Battery Overview – jj

Kinefinity KineBat Mini V-Lock Battery Overview


Kinefinity has a new range of mini V-lock batteries called the PD KineBat. These batteries that are designed for the TERRA and MAVO cameras come in capacities of 145Wh and 73Wh.

Even though they have been designed for Kinefinity cameras they will work on any camera or device that accepts a V-mount battery.

KineBat 75 & 150

The KineBat 75 is a The KineBat 150 is a 14.8V 9.8Ah 145Wh battery. The MAVO LF can work up to two hours with KineBAT 75 and four hours with KineBAT 150.

Build Quality

DSC 4231

The batteries look to be well made and they look really nice, but I did find them a little slippery to handle.

There are a series of indents on the side of the battery that are designed for your fingers to grip, but they are harder to grip than other mini V-lock batteries I have used.

DSC 4307

In saying that, the KineBat 75 is a lot easier to hold because of its thin profile.

Small & Lightweight

DSC 4244

Everyone seems to be downsizing when it comes to batteries. Just about every battery manufacturer has a smaller, lightweight solution, and now Kinefinity has joined that party.

The KineBAT 75 weighs only 420g and the KineBat 150 tips the scales at 725g.

DSC 4234

The batteries feature a 4-step LED fuel gauge and come with a built-in protection circuit to prevent over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature and internal short-circuiting.

At a thickness of only 35mm, the KineBAT 75 looks like a nice solution if you are shooting handheld and want longer run times than the 45Wh that is offered by the battery in the KineGrip.