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Know who’s Vashimant Sharma, who complained towards Faiz Ahmad Faiz poem | Know who’s Vanshi Mant Sharma who raised questions on Faiz's eyes – jj

Know who’s Vashimant Sharma, who complained towards Faiz Ahmad Faiz poem | Know who’s Vanshi Mant Sharma who raised questions on Faiz's eyes


new Delhi: Vanshi Mat Sharma, a temporary teacher of the same institute who lodged a complaint against the Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz in a protest against the citizenship law at IIT Kanpur, is currently under the target of a 'broken-down gang'. Vashi Mant had a complaint that this najam is going to incite religious sentiments. He said that the students are being instigated in religious style by reading the poetry of religious poetic of Pakistani poet Faiz. Tell you about Vanshi Mant Sharma.

Who is Vanshi Mant Sharma?
Vashi Mant Sharma, 32, hails from Ghaziabad, UP and has completed his Masters degree and PhD from IIT Mumbai. Currently Vanshi Sharma is working in the Mechanical Engineering Department as an INSPIRE Faculty Scheme operated by the Science and Technology Department at IIT Kanpur. Please tell that this post is given every year to the post doctoral researcher aged 27-32 years.

Discussed about books
Books written by Vanshi Sharma remain a topic of discussion these days. Two books of Vashi Mant Sharma were printed in the year 2017 and 2018, in which the written things are now coming out. Vanshi Sharma's book A Liberals (F) Law-Hippocrates that Feed Terrorism (Hypocrites that feed terrorism ') and Indian Muslims-Children of India and Slaves of Arabia (Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs) are predominant. Through these books, Vanshi has spoken on many topics such as anti-national slogans, Kathua gang rape, the highest statue of Shivaji, and defaming Hindus in JNU.

An English newspaper has published excerpts from these books:
"The attack against JNU alumnus Kanhaiya Kumar outside the Patiala House Court will stop the opponents of the nation. No Hindu woman survives in India if Hindus are infamous for rape. The ancestors of Indian Muslims were Hindus and Buddhists. Shivaji's World The cost of the construction of the tallest statue is reasonable because the government spends a lot of money to maintain the original form of Islamic sites. The .. like the Taj Mahal. "

Sharma raised questions on the investigation of the case by the Jammu and Kashmir Police on the Kathua rape case in a chapter of the book. He wrote "http://zeenews.india.com/" and finally .. Have you ever heard the news that a Hindu raped a temple? It is not in our blood. If we had done this, we would have retaliated against the Muslim attackers. (The language in which they used to attack us) They broke our temples and built mosques in their place. He raped millions. If Hindus were infamous for rape (in the name of religion), no Muslim invader or woman would have survived in India. "

Answer on Faiz's poem through blog
Vashi Mant Sharma wrote a blog on January 1 that he did not agree that Faiz was against Pakistani rule and challenged it by writing poems. Sharma wrote that revolutionary Faiz chose Jinnah's Islamic Pakistan instead of Secular India, which promised to degrade Hindus, Sikhs and non-Muslims. '

Helping people through 'Agniveer'
Vanshi Sharma also runs a non-government organization called Agniveer. This organization works against forced conversions, cow slaughter and Dalit atrocities. On Agnivir's website, you get complete information about the social work done by it. Many videos of Agniveer are also available on Twitter in which the role of Agniveer can be seen in the atrocities against Dalits and the work of protecting them.

Designers remain on the trail of journalists
The gang of so-called intellectuals and designer journalists of the country has been continuously targeting Vanshi Mant Sharma on social media. Sometimes this 'Khan market gang' of designer journalists proves Vanshi Sharma as anti-Dalit and sometimes starts calling them anti-Muslim. But when this gang does not find any strong facts against Vanshi Sharma, then they immediately start apologizing. Recently, some such journalists have also been seen apologizing to Vanshi Sharma on Twitter.

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