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Let's Watch Trump Get Impeached! – jj

Let's Watch Trump Get Impeached!

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  1. 1. Not sure how I feel on political maneuvers, because the other side so often uses them too. Like they did with Merrick Garland.

    2. When Pelosi started thanking that guy, I swear it felt like she was about to thank God or Jesus.

  2. 3 reasons why we are seeing more impechments. 1st is that the us is a lot more powerful, thus more abuse can be done from the top.
    2nd is the partisan nature of politics now, fires stoked by fox news.

    3rd was Ford pardoning Nixon. Presidents have always known they were above the law. After yhe pardon they knew they would never face and consequences. Reagan: Iran-contra was treason, supporting drug cartels and destruction of evidence. No jail ime for anyone, and the current AG made sure of that during Bush's presidency. Everything Clinton did, and no punishment. Bush 2, the revenge: war crimes, lying to everyone for Iraq invasion, patriot act, and so many others. And obama just let all of them get away with it. Obamas abuse of the espionage act is truly appalling, and his deportation numbers should be talked about. And again, nothing happened.

    My idea is for them to throw trump under the bus. Hes not a Republican and hes not a politician, make him the sacrificial lamb so future presidents know that their actions will have personal repercussions. But they cant do that now, they went and created a cult, and would just make a martyr.

  3. Franklin didnt want a single president. 3 sounds good, domestic/foreign/STEAM(science, technology, engineering, arts, math) are a good way. When using executive power over other branches(appointing judges, signing/vetoing bills etc) 2/3 have to agree.

  4. out of all the youtubers ive watched for 10+ years jimmy, youre the only one ive ever wanted to give my (mainly non-existent) money to. when i can afford to do so i absolutely will. thank you so much for streaming this and giving your thoughts!

  5. 47 min… yeah maybe they will get in trouble for agree with dumbocrap………….. no like you morons are wrong af. we are all dumber for having listened
    and part of the government should be redone. there should be term limits #pelosi is evil af

  6. Why does it even take something illegal to get a president impeached? If someone looks like a good president, and then they do a shitty job and we decide they suck, we should be able to choose a new president. It should be up to the people.

  7. 28:10 blatant fu******************************** what???? imagine believing this??? Obama and his major recession gave us this god like economy under Trump. dude you need some more iq then maybe you could rub two together and spark a sentient life

  8. I've noticed the reps don't like to talk about what rudy was doing in all of this. the way I see it what the pres had rudy doing is key to getting him out of office. he is not a government official, but he was doing official government negotiations, and if he wasn't then he was participating in election interference. it was one of these two things and either one is grounds for investigation and indictment.

  9. I wonder if some of those republican hold outs were waiting to make sure the democrats actually got the impeachment through. Maybe they would've voted yea had they needed to, but waited because to do so would be career suicide.

  10. Pretty sure the Republicans would have been more affronted when Lincoln got shot than when Trump got impeached. Just a thought. Also, for the Canadians in the room, what does impeachment mean, exactly? I know it's an accusation of some kind, but it doesn't equal removal from office, right?

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