Morning Devotion for Adults – December 30, 2019


"And I am sure that God, who began the good work in you, will continue it until the day Jesus Christ returns is completely finished" (Philippians 1: 6).


At the end of 2019, we need to treasure some certainties:

We live the combination of a world that falls violently and a church that rises in a powerful way. That indicates that the time is coming when our great hope will become a great reality.

God is doing great things, and quickly. We need to be prepared for the latest events.

The unity of the church is non-negotiable. When we unite, the Holy Spirit acts. If we allow anything to divide us, we give control to the enemy, and that cannot happen.

It is time to seek God in a more committed way. Only by walking with him will we resist the enemy and remain standing.

We need a clearer commitment to the will of God. As we live the last days, we will be increasingly different from the world around us. Our commitment cannot be with the latest trends, but with the Kingdom of God. We need to align our personal taste with Heaven: our conversations, our music, our food, the places we frequent, our style of dress and our personal appearance; that is, all our life.

 God asks us for a greater sacrifice. If we really want Christ to return very soon, we need to dedicate our time, our properties, our resources and our talents to the fulfillment of the mission. We cannot dream of heaven and, at the same time, keep our hearts imprisoned on Earth. The cause of God will not advance by natural means, but with divine miracles performed through committed people.

The best is yet to come. That is my greatest security. Seeing what God has done and the doors that opened in a more powerful way, I am sure that we have just begun to know what the Holy Spirit will do in these last days.

Before each of these blessings and certainties that move us into the future, accept the inspired invitation: “The new year is before us, and plans must be drawn up to make a fervent and persevering effort in the service of the Master. There is much to do to boost the work of God ”(The Evangelical Colportor, p. 26).

Narrated By: Merari Medina
Devotional Readings for Adults 2019
Our hope
By: Erton Kohler
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