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Qasim Sulemani's daughter requested President Hassan Rouhani: 'Who will take revenge?' – jj

Qasim Sulemani's daughter requested President Hassan Rouhani: 'Who will take revenge?'



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Iraq State Media

On Saturday, on a side where thousands of people in Iraq were on the streets to join Iranian military commander General Qasim Sulemani's funeral, at the same time President Hassan Rouhani in Iran, home of Commander General Suleimani, is asking his family to keep their courage Were.

When President Rouhani arrived at Commander Sulemani's house, his daughter Zainab Sulemani asked: "My father The murder ofWho will take the broker? " So Spiritual replied, "We all".

The conversation between Commander Sulemani's daughter and President Rouhani has been broadcast on Iran's state TV channel.

While comforting Zainab Sulemani, Rouhani said, "God bless you. In this hour of pain and sorrow, God is with you and you will get justice. We will all take revenge, do not worry about it.

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President Hassan Rouhani with Qasim Sulemani's family

What is happening in Iran?

Thousands of people gathered in Ahvaz, one of Iran's major cities, to attend Sulemani's condolence meeting on Sunday morning.

According to Iran's official news agency, the body of Commander Sulaimani from Iraq has been brought to the city of Ahvaz in the south-west. Sulaimani's body wrapped in Iranian flag was flown off the plane with full national honor. He was accompanied by the bodies of five more soldiers from Iran.

It was seen that people gathered on Maulvi Square located in Ahwaz city are shouting slogans of 'America Murdabad' while beating their chest.

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According to Iran's official website, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country's highest religious leader, has said that 'a harsh revenge' should be taken for Sulaimani's murder. Khamenei will pay his last tribute to Sulemani at Tehran University on Monday, after which the body of General Qasim Suleimani will be taken to his house in Kerman town for burial.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has said that 'America has made a big mistake by killing Sulemani'.

But the response from Iran has been responded to by US President Donald Trump saying that 'If Iran touches any property of America, America will give a very harsh and very sharp answer to it'.

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Commander Sulemani's body was airlifted at Ahvaz International Airport

America said- 'Weapons ready'

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump tweeted, "America has recently spent two trillion dollars on military equipment. We are the largest and by far the best in the world. If Iran touched any US base or any US citizen So we will not hesitate to send some of these new weapons to Iran. "

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Trump claimed in another tweet that 'America has a list of 52 Iranian targets ready'.

The number 52, according to the US, has been chosen by Iran in the US Embassy in 1979 to match the number of people held hostage for more than a year.

In this verbal war that started after Suleimani's death, Iran President Rouhani has also said that 'the American people will have to suffer the consequences of Suleimani's assassination not only today but also in the years to come'.

According to local media reports, Iran has declared a three-day national mourning over Sulemani's death.

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Photo of Qasim Sulemani's funeral

Iran's Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif wrote in a tweet on Saturday evening that 'Sulaimani's death is the beginning of the end of America's malicious presence in West Asia'.

It is believed that the Iranian foreign minister, through his tweet, has tried to show to what extent Iran is willing to go in response to the assassination of Commander Sulaimani.

According to a report by Iran's state-run news agency IRNA, President Hassan Rouhani has spoken to Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardoan over the phone and told him that all neighboring countries should unite and work against America's presence in their region.

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Iranian discomfort

Sulaimani, who was the chief strategist to conduct Iranian activities in West Asia, was killed on Friday in a US air strike outside Baghdad Airport.

Nine other people were also killed along with him in this attack, including Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the commander in chief of the Qataib Hezbollah faction.

Iran has appointed Brigadier General Ismail Kani as the new commander of the Quds Force after the assassination of General Qasim Suleimani.

But this whole incident has brought the tensions between the US and its allies standing in front of Iran in the Middle East to a new level.

After Sulaimani's assassination, US President Trump said that he took this action to avert a major war because Sulemani was plotting attacks against America.

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The United States held Sulaimani responsible for some of the recent attacks.

Sulaimani was the head of Iran's much talked about Quds Force. This force is known for carrying out military operations abroad by Iran.

Sulaimani was very important to Iran as a military officer. He was an important intelligence officer. It would also not be wrong to call him Iran's most important political face.

Suleimani had worked to strengthen Iran and its allies in the Middle East through planned attacks in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and other Gulf countries for years.

This is the reason Iran is restless over the murder of its most popular commander.

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'Unlawful criminal act'

In a letter to the United Nations, Iran has called the US attack a 'terrorist act' and a 'illegal criminal act'. At the same time, the United Nations has asked Iran to exercise restraint.

Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, Majid Takht Ravanchi, has said that the United States killed Sulemani and showed more fire in the war-like situation between the two countries, which started in the year 2018 with the exit of the US nuclear treaty.

Even in America, a political section has criticized President Donald Trump's decision to kill Sulaimani.

Democrat leader Chris Wayne Hollen has said that "Trump's arguments for his decision do not seem to explain why this makes the US situation with Iraq and Iran unnecessarily more tense." No say

He also said that this attack will definitely increase the danger to America's interests.

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Protests against the Trump government's decision to assassinate Qasim Suleimani were held in many cities of America, including Washington.

Iraq: Anti-government protesters also angry

In another part of Iraq's Baghdad city, some anti-government protesters are demanding, among other things, an end to the overwhelming Iranian influence in Iraq. But these protestors are also unhappy with the US attack.

These anti-corruption demonstrations in Iraq began in October. Since then, Iraqi security forces have been violently trying to suppress these demonstrations. Hundreds of protesters have been killed and a large number of people have been injured.

Nevertheless, these ordinary Iraqi protesters gathered at the main protest venue 'Tahrir Chowk' in Baghdad city said on Saturday that the US should not have launched such an attack on their land.

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