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Samsung Produces World's First 3 nm Semiconductor Prototype – jj

Samsung Produces World's First 3 nm Semiconductor Prototype


By 2030, semiconductor manufacturing companies such as TSMC and Intel, who want to take the lead in the leadership of Samsung, continues to strive for this purpose. According to reports, the company produced the first 3 nm GAAFET prototype.

Samsung, one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers and continuing to work in many areas of technology, continues its efforts to become a global brand in semiconductor manufacturing. In the next 10 years, the company wants to become the world’s number one semiconductor manufacturer, surpassing the world’s most renowned semiconductor manufacturers TSMC and Intel.

According to reports, Samsung has completed a new semiconductor production. The company that produced the first 3 nm semiconductor chip prototype used a new technology to do this. This technology, called Gate All Around (GAAFET), is far more advantageous than FinFET technology, which is currently used throughout the semiconductors in the industry. GAAFET makes the total silicone size 35 percent smaller and increases power usage by 50 percent. In addition, the new technology provides a 33 percent increase in performance.

Samsung can produce 3 nm GAAFET earlier than expected
Many industry supervisors said that GAAFET chips could not be produced before 2022, and that this technology would not be seen in any way before this year. In contrast, Samsung made prototypes of the 3 nm GAAFET chips two years earlier than expected. If Samsung already has a working 3-nm chip prototype, it means we can see this technology much sooner than expected.

Samsung’s 3 nm GAAFET prototypes started production a few years earlier than expected, which means that mass production will be early. According to reports, Samsung will start mass production of 3 nm GAAFET chips in the first half of 2021. This step will cause the 7 nm processors currently on the market to be shelved and greatly increase performance. Samsung is expected to use the 3 nm circuits it is working on in the coming years.

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