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Shiv Sena Article in Saamana, Division of Division grew to become the brand new superstition of the ministry | Shiv Sena wrote within the face, 'The weighty division turns into the brand new superstition of the ministry' – jj

Shiv Sena Article in Saamana, Division of Division grew to become the brand new superstition of the ministry | Shiv Sena wrote within the face, 'The weighty division turns into the brand new superstition of the ministry'


Mumbai: The cabinet has been expanded in the Mahavikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra. But the government could not escape the ongoing mess over the weighty department. The Shiv Sena in its editorial of mouthpiece Saamana has taunted the division of departments. The Shiv Sena has written on the leaders of his government, pinching that the leaders first dream of becoming MLAs or MPs, then to become ministers and then to get weighty or creamy portfolios. Saamna editor Sanjay Raut has tried to give a message by taking the name of a leader, how many such leaders who after taking oath said, 'Give any department, I will do it responsibly?'

The Shiv Sena wrote in the face, 'The cabinet has finally expanded in Maharashtra but the government has not been able to free itself from the mess of division of departments. Until Thursday evening, there was no division of departments. This will happen on Friday, finally Sharad Pawar had to say. Our politicians dream of becoming the first MLA or MP. Later he has to become a minister. Then on becoming a minister, the department also needs to be 'weighty' or 'creamy'. MLA Bachu Kadu came to meet during the cabinet expansion. He said, give me whatever department, I will show good work in it.

…. how many ministers feel like Bachu Kadu. '

Home department
Shiv Sena wrote about the Ministry of Home Affairs, 'Home department means more than maintaining the nose, ears, eyes, law and order of the government, it is used to curb the opponents, it is fatal. The previous government did nothing different in five years. RR The leader who established the ideal like Patil is not in any party today. The uniformed department is left to garner the heat.

Agriculture Department
After Sharad Pawar, knowledgeable agriculture minister was not found at the center. There is still no qualified person for the Department of Agriculture in Maharashtra. Speeches, concerns on farmers are all expressed, but 'Give me the Department of Agriculture. I work in the farmers'. Sharad Pawar had sought the Department of Agriculture from Manmohan Singh in the cabinet and in the next 10 years he established his identity there. Nobody will do this in Maharashtra. The Finance and Agriculture Department should be with the same minister and by the coincidence of these two departments, the interest of farmers should be taken care of, I always express this idea.

Fire of opponents
The government of Maharashtra has arisen from the fire of BJP opposition. When the Chief Minister is a public leader, then works beyond royalty, authority, the limits of the post. Vassandada Patil is an example of this. During the period of Fadnavis, nylon jellies were installed in the ministry. If the stricken and depressed people attempt suicide, they do not lose their lives, this was the thought behind it. Those nets should be removed by the new Chief Minister….

… No ministry in your state will come to commit suicide, only if the government has built such a trust that new energy will be created in the state. The Chief Minister is intelligent but he has to be careful. * * This power has come in the name of Chhatrapati Shivarai.

Government will last 5 years!
It is the wish of the majority of the people of the country that the Maharashtra government rests. * Shiv Sena did not go with the BJP, so the Nationalist and Congress party got power, otherwise they would have sat in opposition for 25 years to come. The power is like jaggery pudding.

Pawar blast and 602
The one who strengthens the party through power will win the next election. For some years, the ministers have reduced their entry into the ministry. Ministers will not sit in the ministry, otherwise where will people take their problems? The Shiv Sena will have to focus most on organizational functions. The challenge is big for the Shiv Sena, which has reached 63 to 56. The 602 number room is currently the most discussed on the sixth floor of the ministry. No minister is willing to take this room adjacent to the Chief Minister's office because this place is cursed with vengeance and the mantra system, such is the superstition of the people. Everyone has to reach the sixth floor of the ministry, but the '602' room should not be overshadowed.

Such is the mindset of Maharashtra, which makes laws against superstition. Thackeray family does not consider blind faith. Devendra Fadnavis was not sitting in the '602' number room yet he left. Uddhav Thackeray's government will not last 5 years, this is the superstition of the opposition. Such is the blind faith of '602'. It will not work in Maharashtra.

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