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The True Story of Scotland : Documentary on the Prehistory of Scotland (Full Documentary) – jj

The True Story of Scotland : Documentary on the Prehistory of Scotland (Full Documentary)

The True Story of Scotland : Documentary on the Prehistory of Scotland (Full Documentary).

2014 2015
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  1. The stones were laid flat on top of the ice, in the ice age. When the ice melted over hundreds/thousands of years the stones were left upright. That's why u cant get your head around their meaning. Their is know meaning.

  2. Hello Putin.
    I must say I really liked this doc friend. Its an era I feel really comfortable in. Although the title seems a little misleading so may I offer another one.
    "The Beautiful People of these British Isles," {a time before Picts, Celts, Gaels, Romans Sax, Norman, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English and any other
    washed up refugee.}
    One thing really does bemuse me though Putin and that is the depiction of hunter gatherer types. These did not survive for thousands of years by
    being scruffs and unkept.
    The creatures of wild have always empathised on me through observations how vital it is to stay clean and well groomed. Quite rightly with the coming
    of agrarian culture we see the fall from grace. Too much toil for little reward.
    To me anyway and my opinion is what marks a true Britt , is there first choice of companion, " A Dog,". What's in a saying is very often something
    hidden. Known throughout the world as a nation of dog lovers.
    Kind regards,
    Me and Blackfriars Bobby.

  3. A great flood ? could this be what happened to the Island of Fris lant Atlantia or could it have been Noahs Flood .
    There were no hunter gatherers We were Eburs / Eberes / Hebreres / Hebrews the stones were erected by the clans of the tribes of Israel.
    the gauls spoke Gaelic are from the galilee…This doc is not true…The people came through the Caucus mts.and by the Phoenicians
    It is the Phoenicians who brought the deported cainaanites who became the picts ( war like ) We origin from Asia Minor UR

    You will never find hunter gatherer cavemen as We came in 741 BC to a land where no man dwelled.

  4. Really wanted to like this and as an entertaining piece of television it was good but I did some degree Physics and the Earth changing it's orbit cast a shade on the rest of program's veracity.
    One would hope at least the presenter knows more about ancient archaeology and anthropology than he knows about Physics.
    Luv and Peace.

  5. https://youtu.be/PGr-3CzO_Yg?t=280
    Why did the earth's orbit change?
    That sounds like nonsense.
    If the idea is the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs displaced the Earth and made it move closer to the sun I call bullshit. For one if it had that kind of momemtum it would have had more effect.
    Chunk of the planet broken off for example.
    Also why was the Earth hotter before that cataclysm?
    The carboniferous period was crazy hot?
    Not buying it.
    Luv and Peace.

  6. It’s interesting how educated people can collect lifetimes of data and come up with a plausible theory. Yet those without any academic background in the subject can watch one program on the subject, miss the point entirely and feel whatever idea they pull out of thin air and their much more limited education is more valid.
    There is no way to know exactly what happened but after spending a lot of time digging in remote sites, studying the finds of other educated people and engaging in scholarly research experts present the most plausible theories.
    If you want to tear it apart go get a degree, study for 10 or 20 years and make a better TV programme

  7. Praise to our Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ for a wonderful creation 🙏❤️🕊 💐🌳💦Lord Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him🙏❤️🕊. Catholic, muslim, buddhism, hinduism etc. they are all false! deception from satan the father of all lies! Holy Bible is the TRUTH🙏 Repent, believe in the Gospel

  8. Fact and Fiction intertwined. Not everything you don't immediately understand is sacrificial or religious. If in doubt, look for a mundane answer first.
    "Dammit, the babies dead, I'll need to go kill a swan."
    "Be careful, they can break your arm.."
    Maybe the baby was called swan, or it was used as a bed, or just a stretcher, or the mother loved swans. It does not mean the mother was impregnated by a god disguised as a swan and the baby will fly in the afterlife… maybe that's where some of the daft Greek myths came from, ancient archaeologists with no clue.

  9. This narrator has a rather large too-hard-basket , and he stuffs it with those things that he does not understand , writing them off as spiritual or religious . In doing so , he and others of his ilk , build myths , myths that may become 'fact' and stifle further research for eons . The matter of the hazelnut trees on Colonsay being a case on point

  10. Haha, at 22:13 he says "It makes them human, rather than a bunch of grunting savages." Lol The way he says it sounds as if that perception is already acknowledged or common. I feel like he was trying to convince me that they weren't savages, when I never thought that! hahaha Or around the beginning, it shows a man walking and he said "It's hard to believe we could have descended from this. Dude that's an actual man! At least make him look less human. lol!!!!!

  11. As this documentary clearly shows, tens of thousands of years ago the Earth was warm, cooled tremendously during the last Ice Age, warmed briefly, then within a couple of hundred years cooled again. Several hundred years later there was another "dramatic melting" of the Ice Domes, and the temperature has mostly remained "warm" ever since, but with periods of very noticeable fluctuation. It is well known that the Earth's climate is constantly in a state of flux, and always has been. Fossil fuels may be contributing to global warming, but the fact remains that "climate change" is a natural phenomenon.

  12. at (37.58); the answer to why the people of the day killed off part of the Hazlenut crop is clear and obvious to anyone who knows the species; there are male and female trees, only females bare nuts, only a few of the best males required to do the job of pollination would be required and desired for breeding outcomes; the wood from the tree would also be a bountiful resource. Basic Pragmatism with no mystery, other than an astute awareness of natural cycles and reverence for those deities associated with this natural abundance.

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