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Yellow Guides: LPG is cheaper, safer and extra useful than gasoline – jj

Yellow Guides: LPG is cheaper, safer and extra useful than gasoline


More and more are those who join this alternative to gasoline, due to its multiple benefits. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is cheaper and safer, and at the same time less polluting than gasoline, so it is in full expansion by the gas stations of the Spanish geography thanks to the agreements reached by oil companies and car manufacturers In fact, at present, more than 15 million vehicles circulate around the world with this type of fuel, of which eight million do so in Europe and 5,200 in Spain, the majority destined for industrial use or public transport.
We owe this discovery to Italy, which in the 1960s began using it as an alternative to gasoline. Thus, today it has a mobile LPG park of more than two million vehicles and the annual global production of LPG is about 250 million tons, of which 5 percent could be used for road transport, between 12 and 15 million tons to mobilize about 17 million vehicles.
Although they are already available in Spain, there is still a great way for us to match Italy. Greater demand and continued expansion in the distribution channels will be necessary. Although there are already many facilities to buy them, such as the bonuses in the registration tax (75 percent reduction in the Autonomous Community of Madrid or 50 percent in A Coruña, for example) and other economic advantages such as discounts up to 30 percent in some tolls in Catalonia.


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