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PM Imran Khan Full Speech at Council on Foreigh Relations USA | 23 Sep 2019 – jj

PM Imran Khan Full Speech at Council on Foreigh Relations USA | 23 Sep 2019

SamaaTV #Imrankhan PM Imran Khan Speaking at Council on Foreign Relations New York SAMAA TV is Pakistan’s first private satellite news channel that …


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  1. Warning notice Ready for War Pakistani army we're going to hunt you down one by one these criminal one by one you going to run like a hungry dog ready for work and you're already in The Blacklist don't play game no more you already playing up game with the word everybody know you

  2. There's no other option in the table Afghanistan and India will war against these Pakistani army that's the bottom line is no way you can escape what will hunt you down soon yeah but no Safe Haven Ready for War

  3. These Pakistani army they get loan from the World Bank after they get the lawn and they try to escape and try to save the bent the country's bankrupt and they ask for more lawn and they pay interest that's how the Pakistani army these criminal steal money

  4. Why are you worrying about kashmir? It’s a part of India ,we Indians know how to fix it,,,,first you solve the problems inside your country ,then you talk ,,abolish all the terror ppl from your country ,then you talk, don’t say Indian muslim, try to say Indians aashole 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  5. Reminds one of the story of the genie who presented himself on being summoned and agreed to serve the master on one condition: "I can't sit still. You have to keep me occupied continuously. Otherwise I will kill you!" Given any job, he would finish it off in a jiffy and come asking for more work. The master was at his wits' end. He could not think of anything to keep the genie occupied but if he did not give him work, he'd be dead! Eventually the master found a job for him. He gave him a dog and told the genie to straighten the tail of the dog. The genie kept trying to straighten the dog's tail, but every time he straightened it, it would spring back to its curved state. So the genie was eventually kept occupied and happy and the master was kept safe.

  6. Islamic supremacist country looking for gazwa-e-hind lecturing India on Hindu supremacy waoooo… this is the height of hypocrisy…and by the way why Islamist always play victimhood. First they killed kafir and when kafir retaliate they started crying and ask for help from muslim Ummah as if they are the international god.

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