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The secret of violence in JNU in WhatsApp Invite Link? – jj

The secret of violence in JNU in WhatsApp Invite Link?


The secret of violence in JNU revealed through WhatsApp Invite Link

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Following the Sunday evening violence at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), some screen shots of WhatsApp chat on social media are going viral.

It is being claimed that this incident of assault with students was planned and its planning was done through WhatsApp groups.

Many types of messages can be seen in these screen shots going viral on social media. In which way, how to get into JNU, where to go, what to do, things are being discussed. Some messages are like this:

"How was today's match?? "

"We had a lot of fun at JNU. It was fun to kill those traitors."

"NowNice to Something must be done at the gate. Tell me what to do."

"What is the plan."

"People are coming to the main gate in support of JNU. Is there anything to do? "

"can do."

"The police has not come."

"Brother this Group I leftwent."

"No. VC forbids Entry. Is your VC"

Many such viral can be seen in screen shots of WhatsApp chat.

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At the same time, a screen shot of WhatsApp chat is also being shared by ABVP.

In which some people can be seen talking about violence. These people are calling each other comrades and the name of leftist organizations is written with their names.

However, no number is visible in this chat. Only the names of the messengers are visible. So the BBC could not contact them.

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Numbers are also appearing in screen shots of some viral WhatsApp chats.

When the BBC checked the phone numbers appearing in the screen shot through the True Caller app, it found that those numbers were registered with the same names as those seen in the screen shot.

On checking the names of seven people were found to be correct, while one person, whose name was screened ABVP, was found to be INC. It is possible to do this, if some people save your number by changing the name then it can happen.

The BBC mixed the mobile numbers shown in these screen shots of WhatsApp and tried to find out who these people are and what they are related to this incident.

Two types of numbers in chats

There are two types of numbers in these chats. One who is messaging in the group and after reading their message, it seems that they are active and making plans.

Other types of numbers are those in front of which it can be seen that they have joined the group through "Invite Link".

The administrator of any WhatsApp group can share a link and invite people to join the group, those coming through the link do not need permission.

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Whatsapp FAQ

We mixed the numbers shown in the WhatsApp screen shot one by one. The first kind of numbers ie through which messages were being written, most of them were closed.

Only one of them could talk to us. This number belongs to Harshit Sharma, who describes himself as a student of JNU. He claims that he was not on campus during the assault incident.

He says, "Discussions of this incident started in the WhatsApp groups of the campus. There was also a message that there is a group of RSS or ABVP. Invite link was also given and it was said that these people are planning here There were 50-60 students in that group at that time. At that time they entered the hostel and were killing people there. "

"Many of us JNU students joined the group by clicking on that invoice link to know what their planning is."

"We saw that the group's name was" Unity Against Leftist ". It was nine and a half at that time. They were messaging each other. Then suddenly 100 to 150 unknown people joined my group. Then he said that a lot of leftists have come in this group. After that, he stopped messaging in the group. "

Many people in the group say that the name of the group kept changing frequently during this period. Sometimes "Unity against left, ABVP Murdabad, ABVP Zindabad, Leftist drowned."

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Why lathi baton rained in JNU?

When Harshit was asked that he had also done a message in the group, which was later deleted. What was that message? On this, he says that "when there was talk in the group that those people are coming to the gate. Many of my friends were at the gate, so I took a screen shot of this chat and sent it to my other friends. Meanwhile I accidentally That screen shot was also put in the same group. I deleted the same screen shot. "

Others who came through Group Invite Link also claimed that they found a screen shot of Invite Link on a WhatsApp group or social media. After which he joined the group to know whether the planning was going on.

In the screen shot of the disputed WhatsApp group, there are many people who are telling themselves from places like Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat. A boy from Bihar said that he has never come to Delhi and neither knows anyone in JNU.

Some people said that they accidentally joined the group. At the same time, some said that as an aware citizen, they felt it necessary to do so that they could find out "what those people are going to do next".

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Violence on JNU campus, many students injured

However, there are also numbers of many people studying in JNU. Those who are saying the same thing as Harshita, they joined the group just to see if the planning is going on.

A student studying Persian language in JNU, on the condition of anonymity, said that an invoice link had come in the group of his department, which he clicked on. But after reading the chat, he found it wrong, he left the group immediately.

Similarly, another student of JNU said that he had also got a similar link under which it was written to see what ABVP is planning. I clicked to see the same. These students belong to the same Sabarmati hostel where the vandalism took place.

Many outsiders were also included in this group. Some of whom say that they are neither from JNU nor are they students.

A woman told the BBC that she is involved in many Protest groups. At the same time, he got this Evite link She joined the group to find out the planning of those people.

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Protest outside Delhi Police Headquarters after JNU violence

A person named Bhavdeep claims that he is a journalist and that he too had gone to the group through the invite link to see the group chat. He says that there are still about 250 people in this group.

At the same time, Aditya says that he was added by someone else in the group. He is neither a student of JNU nor has any particular political ideology. However, he says that he knows many people involved in the incident. He claims that some professors with right wing ideology are also involved in this incident.

Something similar is also said by Ashish, who is a student of P HD Third in JNU but he is also the administrator of this disputed WhatsApp group. He is also named among many administrators.

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However, he says that he was added by someone else to the group and made an administrator, even though he was not on campus at all.

He says, "I have returned from home on the night of the incident. I reached JNU at ten o'clock at night. And stood outside for five hours. I have nothing to do with this incident."

All these people say that they are getting constant calls from the night of the incident, many of whom are threatening them and asking about their location. Due to which these people are scared.

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