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114. Phrases of Love ❤ – jj

114. Phrases of Love ❤

Give yourself permission to grow, find your signature strengths and honour your own wisdom. 🙂 Visit the blog: http://thefourqueens.blogspot.co.uk/ Visit the shop: …



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  1. I realize this is from two years ago now, but if you find yourself in a situation like this in the future, I find that having a carnelian in my pocket is incredibly helpful to give courage in public speaking and tapping into masculine fiery energy. Much love sister xx

  2. I have always called my writings "Rambles" b/c that is what they basically do.. No rhyme or structure or anything fancy. Just things that come across my mind/heart. But come to realize I have not done this in a long while, I have allowed it to be blocked, thanks for the inspiration to do some shadow work.

  3. My poetry also plays with language, though I "schizophrene" between writing "flowery" to the political to eco-poetics to dismantling binaries and queering norms/illuminating marginals and/r the Other. I would love to read some of your creative works; can you forward me some links?

  4. Oh man, I feel you so much! Those things are really sent to test our strength! It's so difficult to keep in mind that getting frustrated with yourself won't help and that berating yourself is not the answer. You're like, 'What the hell, why can't I just get a grip on this?!' If I didn't meditate, 'I'd be standing here dead'. Haha!

  5. A lot of the stuff I'm sharing here is stuff which needs to be addressed over and over again as you go through life and you will *definitely* struggle with it – I do too! When you get into a slump, try not to berate yourself, try not to sigh and say, 'Here I am AGAIN, damnit!' Simply acknowledge that you've hit a bump, without judging yourself or getting frustrated. It's like going back to the breath in meditation, you know? Sometimes that's the only way.. x

  6. I totally hear what you're saying…but…it's so, so hard 🙁 My up cycles can hit a bump and when I go wallow in the low places I just get so tired. Ugh. I keep trying. I do appreciate the wisdom you share.

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