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Dumpster Diving!!Mega Rating over 100 Books!!!Freegan boy strikes once more!! – jj

Dumpster Diving!!Mega Rating over 100 Books!!!Freegan boy strikes once more!!

Dumpster Diving Huge find over 100 books tell me them are expired!!Alpena Michigan There scamming somebody to pay for this stuff!!


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  1. I cried when I saw all those beautiful books with their covers ripped off. Really? I am Really? They couldn't have sold them at the store for like 25 cents or something. Or heck, donate them. I am wondering now if my local BAM store does that. Hmmm. I smell dumpster diving in the works.

  2. I got a space heater and a upright canister vacuume and gas works too I am finding. Just thinking that people are so hard up for a job that they are ordered to destroy stuff. I don't think I could with a clear conscious knowing good stuff is going to the dump. I just don't see why they don't do it just on the bar codes or on the boxes or write (junk) , but to spray paint have the dang thing just makes no sense. Even just cutting the cord.. a new cord can be put on.

  3. Ohh man just came across this one. I hope to find some shelves this year and DT still is producing well and Big Lots but they are really starting to spray paint, cut cords, or destroy so much now. Gaylord is ok but I want to hit up Traverse City again.

  4. That sux my dad is going through the same thing.He's lost his house and job tried to get ss but it takes forever now hes in the hospital having heart attacks and crap!There has been times where iv had nothing to eat and it doesnt feel 2 cool!!And i got on here and watched videos about homeless people in big citys and its just terrible people gotta live on the streets!!Its gotta come to an end 1 day hopefully soon!

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