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Italy: I don't pay fines, my car is Romanian – jj

Italy: I don't pay fines, my car is Romanian

Cars with Romanian or Bulgarian license plates are increasingly numerous on Italian roads. But it is Italians who drive them. Above all, big cars. Simple picaresque or pure fraud, it is in any case a tactic to avoid local taxes and fines, which the authorities do not bother sending to Bulgaria or Romania. A procedure still too complicated to have missed a simple radar, for example.

In addition, as an Italian road policeman explains, it is not even illegal. After a car registered in Romania, he tells the camera that the vehicle "is not registered in the driver's name, so we cannot do anything," he concludes.

At the same time as the phenomenon grows, internet sites that announce managers willing to facilitate the process flourish. Although the ideal is to register the car in the name of a Romanian girlfriend or a Bulgarian acquaintance, there are individuals who offer to contact, as one explains, "to a gypsy there and for 100 or 200 euros we put the car in his name. If you have insurance, you can use it immediately. "

Italian law gives one year to the owner of a vehicle with foreign registration to formalize the process in Italy. The fine, after that period, goes from eighty to three hundred euros. Little thing in exchange for driving immunity.

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