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Rampage in Qasim Sulemani's funeral, 35 lifeless, 48 injured – jj

Rampage in Qasim Sulemani's funeral, 35 lifeless, 48 injured


Sulaimani's funeral in Kerman city

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At least 35 people have been killed in the stampede of Iran's military commander Qasim Suleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike in Iraq on Friday.

According to Iranian media, 35 people have been confirmed dead in this incident while more than 48 are injured. This incident happened at a time when a large number of people had gathered to attend Sulemani's funeral in the city of Kerman.

Sulaimani Kerman was from the city itself. His body has been brought to Ahwaz, then Tehran and now Kerman from Iraq. His funeral will take place here.

The head of Iran's emergency services said that many people have died in a stampede during General Qasim Sulemani's funeral.

"Unfortunately, many people have died in the stampede. Some people have also been injured who are undergoing treatment at the hospital," said Pirhosen Kolivand from the government news agency IRIB News.

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A large number of people have gathered in the city of Kerman

Who was agate

Sulaimani was considered the second most powerful person after Iran's supreme leader Khamenei, while the US considered him a 'terrorist' responsible for the deaths of his soldiers.

General Sulaimani was the head of a troop named Quds Force. This troop is in a way similar to the Iranian army abroad, which opposes anyone along with others according to Iranian interests in different countries.

It can also be said that in Iran there is a foreign minister to say, but the real foreign minister plays the role of the Quds Force.

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Sulaimani was close to Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme religious leader of the rant

General Sulemani continued to lead campaigns behind the scenes for a long time, but a few years ago he came out in the open and after that he became so popular in Iran that articles were written on him, documentaries were made and even pop songs were made. Began

His death was such a big thing for America that President Trump himself tweeted that only the picture of the US national flag – that in a way President Trump was presenting America's national pride.

On October 25, 2007, the US declared Quds Force as a terrorist organization and completely banned any American transaction with this organization.

After Suleimani was killed, Iran's President Hassan Ruhani issued a statement that Iran and other countries would avenge it.

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The crowd gathered in Tehran to bid the last farewell to Sulaimani

Under the leadership of Iran's supreme leader Impollah Khamenei, the prayer of prayer was performed in Tehran on Monday. President Hassan Rouhani, Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani and senior officials also attended it.

Earlier, the bodies of all the dead, including Qasim Sulemani, were brought to Ahaz airport in Iran's Khojistan province, where lakhs of people attended the funeral procession on Sunday.

On Monday, on the eve of his funeral in Tehran, the city's highways and roads were black in color.

The crowds hoisted Iranian flags and raised anti-American slogans. After this, his body has been brought to his native city of Kerman.

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