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The $zero Fairness Brief Sale Property | Greatest Deal Ever Present | Ep. 4 – jj

The $zero Fairness Brief Sale Property | Greatest Deal Ever Present | Ep. 4

In this episode of the Best Deal Ever Show, you’ll hear about one insanely creative and unusual property that real estate investor Cory Boatright landed through …


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  1. One of my best deals was a $9500 2/1 brick foreclosure on an acre that I got $1500 broker commission so net $8000 and there was also an old mobile on the acre that we remodeled and rented both withing a couple months generating $860 a month rental income. So I am making over 100% on my money yearly.
    I just bought a 6-plex this year for $26k and finished remodel this month and rented all units just this month and generating $2050 in rent. It is generating serious free cash flow.
    I bought my first rent cheap house for $19k cash years ago and the first woman lived there for 3 1/2 years for $500. She was nasty but I did nothing after the first month since she did not want me over there. After she moved I essentially had a free house the way I see it. I rent it for $800 today twelve years later.
    My best deals are mobiles I have moved to my land. I have 12 there. I mostly got for free or near free. Two doublewide mobiles rent for $800 each and the singles for $600 on average. I am generating over $8000 a month. It is a blessing and I have zero debt since I bought with cash. I bought the farm in 1995 for $3000 down and the $27k paid out in payments over 10 years. It is worth over $260k just for the land. Not including the land I am generating about 70% on my money and there is still room for some expansion. At a 12% rate of return that put the value at around $750k.

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