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Cyber crooks claiming to be Apple scam Hoosier for big bucks – jj

Cyber crooks claiming to be Apple scam Hoosier for big bucks


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Click at your own risk. Cybercriminals are claiming to be Apple, and are nailing Hoosiers for hundreds of dollars, sometimes more than a grand.

Greenfield Police (GPD) say they have received multiple calls about the scam. Investigators say it can happen in two ways. The first, the crooks claim you made an Apple purchase, and ask you to verify your payment information. The other way they get you is to ask you to pay for that purchase using gift cards. At times, they will have the victim read them the card numbers over the phone.

“Anyone asks you for your bank account information, I would not fill that in immediately,” said GPD Investigator Lt. Nicole Gilbert, “I would verify with Apple first to make sure it’s a valid charge.

Generally, the scam comes via text or email and can look like it’s coming from Apple. Eastside resident, Darnell Bonds, woke up Thursday morning to see his bank account reading more than $1,700 in the negative.  When he called his bank, Chase told him he’d been scammed. Around 3 am the night before, cybercriminals started withdrawing money from his account $800 at a time.

“I usually go to my settings, but I wasn’t really paying attention yesterday,” said Bonds of falling victim to the scam, “Just said confirm your information, your pay information.”

Lucky for Bonds, Chase Bank caught it early, and are sending him a refund. Bonds did say Verizon suggested he pay for future mobile purchases with gift cards, instead of storing his credit card on his phone for purchases.

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