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Cymbal Foundry Cymbals at your 5 Star Drum Store – jj

Cymbal Foundry Cymbals at your 5 Star Drum Store

Cymbal Foundry ™ designs, manufactures, and imports top-quality vintage-style cymbals directly from the factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to craft the highest quality handmade cymbals, using time-honored techniques, and the absolute best tools and materials, coupled with stringent quality control, to produce a consistently excellent product. They are modeled after vintage cymbals using the same cymbal hammering and lathing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation in Turkey, and found at only the most exclusive drum shops in North America.

Unlike other cymbal companies, each cymbal is played by real drummers right in the factory and chosen based on sound above all. If they don’t pass the ear test, then they are not stamped with the Cymbal Foundry logo. It’s that simple. These are small batch cymbals made by drummers, for YOU.

Available exclusively through your Five Star Drum Shop, www.fivestardrumshops.com


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