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Look what happened at La Romana Social Security Hospital – jj

Look what happened at La Romana Social Security Hospital

By: Yobany Reyes and Angel Ramírez
LA ROMANA ….. On the night of this past Sunday a young man was taken by family and friends to the hospital, Arístides Fiallo Cabral Old social security after having a traffic accident.

But after he was admitted A friend of the wounded wanted to enter the emergency room Thing that the service Police did not allow him because the doctors were healing the wounded, which originated a discussion between the Civil and the Police, arming a tremendous mess, the video shows a young man and a policeman fighting after the policeman with a tube in his hand gives him pairs of tubazos, then more agents join among them Colonel Chatmán who tries to make the crowd calm down.

In the hospital you can see when the policeman of whom we do not know his name does not stop hitting everyone and even more shoots at the hospital, at first you can see when the man apparently just wanted to see his friend or family member who had had an accident but is later forcibly taken away by the police.

In the end Everything was quiet, but several people were arrested ….

It is unfortunate that this occurs in that center which is to provide medical assistance and not to occur this type of fact so embarrassing of both parties.


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