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New Rendering Reveals What the iPhone 12 May Probably Look Like – jj

New Rendering Reveals What the iPhone 12 May Probably Look Like


On Monday, the creators of the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel took it upon themselves to imagine how Apple will approach the new iPhone 12.

The video focuses on the iPhone 12 Pro. It imagines that the line up will be filled with bright colors as well as the classic black finish. ConceptsiPhone also thinks the body style will resemble the flat metal-edged iPhone 5. Their concept phone featured a four-lens camera on the back as well as bigger side button controls than the iPhone 11. The front is a touch screen absent of a home button.

This video comes after ConceptsiPhone created a concept for the iPhone SE 2. The creator believes that Apple will reintroduce the headphone jack with the iPhone SE 2. Similar to the original SE, the dream phone will look like the iPhone 5. It could feature a dual camera as well as a face recognizing touch screen. 

The looks of both the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE have not been revealed by Apple. Yet, they are expected to hit the market in September 2020. See ConceptsiPhone’s take on the iPhone 12 above. 

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