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Use of higher antibiotic is a threat for our health, full details here | Understand in simple language why excessive antibiotic use is life-threatening – jj

Use of higher antibiotic is a threat for our health, full details here | Understand in simple language why excessive antibiotic use is life-threatening


Mumbai: In the coming 10 years due to the antibiotic going inside and unknowingly inside the body, the risk of death due to excessive intake of antibiotics has increased. The World Health Organization has warned that the anti-bacterial capacity in the body is becoming extremely low. In the coming days, its terrible results are also showing. It has also been warned that by the year 2050, excessive antibiotics may also be the cause of death of about 10 million people annually. Around 2030 people can be affected due to this by around 2030 globally. Quack information about antibiotics of people, including food and drink, is proving dangerous in this regard.

The reasons for this:
It has been mentioned in the investigation that the effect of antibiotic used to keep animals healthy in poultry and dairy business is gradually adversely affecting the human body. There are many reasons for going into this highly antibiotic body. In addition to the medical store without medical advice, for the good health of the animals in the dairy business, the antibiotic dairy and the mutant given to keep the chicken and mutton very healthy, to keep the fruits and fruits fresh. Medicines given especially antibiotics also cause harm in the body. Apart from this, excessive and wrongly taking antibiotics make antibiotics more resistant. New resistant bacteria are known as superbugs on which any drug affects, and these conditions are in a terrible state for any disease and patient.

Greed for profit:
Normally, no businessman pays attention to the antibiotic or hormonal drugs that are being used to increase his crop or business. How will it affect its users. While it takes 40 to 45 days for the chicken to grow stronger and meat, to increase it rapidly, along with protin and other doses, antibiotics are also given which reach the human body as well. In the same way, there are also the situation of fruits and vegetables and the situation of dairy products.

However, Faizal, who has been in this business for the last 35 years, says that there is no problem in fresh chicken. Disease spreads quickly in chicken, so measures are taken to keep them healthy. Their medical help is also taken from time to time. So that they stay healthy.

The buyers of chicken and mutton from the market are aware of the fact that chemical is used to keep fresh in the process meat and chicken. But this kind of thing cannot be done in fresh chicken or meat taken in front of eyes or eyes. According to Angad ji, who lives in Mumbai, some kind of antibiotic has been used in chicken and mutton or not, but it is not possible to know about process meat. That is why Fruss rely on chicken. But the kind of things that are coming out, we are afraid of it. "

Doctors opinion:
Where it comes to meat projects, it is directly related to business. Because in order to sell the meat product in the market as soon as possible, the business wants to fully recover its value. For the last 25 years, the behavior and treatment of animals is being done. Retired Dr. Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Khanna, who conducts a medical examination, believes that the types of antibiotics that are now continuously being given to animals are given to humans in the final stages of a serious illness. That is, up to generation five medicines are given on them. If it has given more power medicines to them and they come in the form of human food in the human body, then its effect is natural.

Dr. Rohan Sikwera, Consultant, Department of Medicine Research at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, explains the seriousness of this fact that according to the kind of excessive antibiotic use, we have reached the fifth and sixth generation of medicines. Antibiotics previously given in common diseases are now proving to be ineffective. This is a serious problem. "

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