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🌐 80 Days Gameplay Part 1 – The Wager and Adventure Begins! (80 Days Game Let's Play) ✈🚂🚕🚀 – jj

🌐 80 Days Gameplay Part 1 – The Wager and Adventure Begins! (80 Days Game Let's Play) ✈🚂🚕🚀

Let’s Play 80 Days! Full 80 Days game review and playthrough! 80 Days is a game based on the novel Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. We’ll be playing the part of Passapartout, the valet to Phineas Fogg in a race around the globe in 80 days or less. Our decisions will impact the route we take through this decision-based RPG, with each choice having real impact on our travel around the globe. We’ll travel to cities like Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tehran, Baghdad, Bombay, Singapore, Beijing, Honolulu, and many more in order to win our wager and circumnavigate the world in 80 days! Enjoy this 80 Days gameplay and commentary!

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