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Medical Police Cast & Character Guide – jj

Medical Police Cast & Character Guide


In Netflix’s new comedy series Medical Police, Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel lead a cast that includes numerous other actors reprising their roles from the Adult Swim short-form series Childrens Hospital. This spinoff focuses on two doctors who secretly work undercover as special government agents.

Medical Police season 1 begins in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as Dr. Lola Spratt and Dr. Owen Maestro serve an American expatriate community. After a deadly virus threatens to take over the world, they’re recruited by the CDC’s covert operations team known as G932. The doctor duo travel across the world to investigate the virus, and gather intel from both past associates and underworld figures. In Medical Police season 1, situational humor and comedic wordplay build to a full-circle twist.

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While Medical Police season 1 primarily follows the two leads, the supporting cast is full of well-known comedic actors – from Rob Corddry to Craig T. Robinson. In addition, numerous big-name celebrities also make brief cameos. Here’s a cast and character guide for Medical Police season 1.

Erinn Hayes As Dr. Lola Spratt

Erinn Hayes in Medical Police

In Medical Police, Erinn Hayes reprises her Childrens Hospital role as Dr. Lola Spratt – who, alongside Owen Maestro, works as a special agent. Hayes will appear in the upcoming film Bill & Ted Face the Music. She’s best known for TV roles in Worst Week, Guys with Kids, Kevin Can Wait, and Netflix’s Huge in France.

Rob Huebel As Dr. Owen Maestro

Rob Huebel in Medical Police

Rob Huebel reprises his Childrens Hospital role in Medical Police. Another doctor-turned-special agent, Owen Maestro slowly falls in love with his partner. Huebel is best known for comic relief performances in I Love You, Man and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. He also voices Mr. Lizer in Netflix’s Big Mouth.

Medical Police Season 1’s Supporting Cast

Netflix Medical Police
  • Malin Akerman as Valerie Flame: In a Childrens Hospital reprisal role, she helps Lola and Owen save the world. Akerman starred as Laurie Jupiter aka Silk Spectre II in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, and currently plrays Lara Axelrod in Showtime’s Billions.
  • Sarayu Blue as Sloane McIntyre: The head of G932, a secret division of the CDC. Sarayu Blue is best known for TV roles in The Unicorn and I Feel Bad. She also portrayed Marcie in Blockers.
  • Michael Cera as Sal Viscuso: Though we never actually see him on-screen, the hospital’s PA announcer is voiced by Michael Cera. Cera is known for his roles in movies like Superbad, and for playing George Michael in Arrested Development.
  • Rob Corddry as Blake Downs: Lola and Owen’s co-worker, who gets arrested trying to smuggle a koala in China. Rob Corddry rose to fame as a correspondent on The Daily Show. He co-created Childrens Hospital and Medical Police.
  • Tom Wright as Benjamin Patten: The director of the CDC. Tom Wright is a prolific character actor, perhaps best known for portraying Morgan in Seinfeld.
  • Lake Bell as Cat Black: A pediatrician who performs on “Break a Leg.” In Medical Police season 1, Bell reprises her character from Childrens Hospital. She voices Poison Ivy in DC Universe’s Harley Quinn.
  • Jason Schwartzman as The Goldfinch: An underworld figure who assists Lola and Owen. Jason Schwartzman is best known for appearing in numerous Wes Anderson films. He’ll soon appear as Josto Fadda in Fargo season 4.
  • Brian Huskey as Chet: A creepy ambulance driver. Huskey plays Leon West in Veep and also appeared in Bad Neighbors 2.
  • Fred Melamed as Richard Waters: A professor of virology at the School of Medicine in New Hampshire. Fred Melamed is known for acting in several Woody Allen films.
  • Megan Le as Agent Tran: The CDC’s secret assassin. Megan Le plays Alex Lee in No Matter What, and did stunt work in the Netflix film Bright.
  • Ken Marino as Glenn Richie: A former Childrens Hospital employee who works at a Florida scrapbooking/orgy home. Ken Marino reprises his role from Children Hospital. He’s appeared in Veronica Mars, Party Down, and Marry Me.
  • Joel McHale as Himself: The host of “Break a Leg.” Joel McHale portrayed Jeff Winger in Community.
  • Craig T. Robinson as Edgar Toobey: Owen’s former shooting instructor. Craig T. Robinson portrayed Darryl Philbin in The Office.
  • Eric Nenninger as Collins: He deploys a virus at “Break a Leg,” and later attacks Childrens Hospital. Eric Nenninger portrayed Scott in Netflix’s One Day at a Time.
  • Jon Hamm as Doctor Derrick Childrens: Lola’s colleague and water park freak. Jon Hamm starred as Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men.
  • Randall Park as News Personality: He reports on the virus spread. Randall Park starred in ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe.
  • Henry Winkler as Sy Mittleman: Lola and Owen’s former boss. Henry Winkler famously portrayed Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Happy Days, and currently stars as Gene Cousineau on HBO’s Barry.

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