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BTB Instruments – (Spanish) Air and windshield battery Powered elimination software – jj

BTB Instruments – (Spanish) Air and windshield battery Powered elimination software

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The BTB WK10HD pneumatic tool for disassembling automobile glass is considered the most versatile tool for the safe disassembly of any automotive glass bonded with adhesives in any type of vehicle, and its specialty is the disassembly in difficult cases, such as windscreen glass with dashboard deep, backslides, exposed edge glass, and disassembly and installation of encapsulated whole glasses, during bodywork and painting, without causing any damage to glass, encapsulation, or paint. With this system we can also safely disassemble body panels glued with adhesives, moldings, logos, emblems, and other components fixed with flexible adhesives such as urethane, or double-sided tape. The Technician tool kit includes external cutting blades for Power Knives, internal cutting blades with precise adjustment of the depth of the cut, and the new scraped blades welded to point with winged that eliminate collateral damage frequently caused by other methods. Set new parameters in your workshop using BTB proven efficiency systems, which are high-quality industrial Power tools, designed for long years of service, which will provide excellent returns on your investment. Other key features of this power tool are its compact size and light weight, which facilitate access and maneuverability in tight spaces or when working curved rear glass, in combination with incredibly low levels of vibration and noise, for prolonged operation. ONE TOOL, ANY GLASS, ALL TYPES OF VEHICLE.

Contact BTB for further information:
E-mail: sales@btbtools.com
Website: www.btbtools.com


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